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Lead Ingot & Lead Pigs From Mars Metal

March 27, 2024

Lead pigs or ingots are indispensable in a myriad of sectors, including industrial, nuclear, medical, veterinary, scientific research, military, and national defense. Mars Metal specializes in providing tailored lead grades, offering options such as low sulfur or low bismuth grade lead.

Ingot lead, alternatively referred to as lead pigs, bullion, or bar lead, serves a multitude of purposes, from radiation shielding to serving as ballast weights or anchors in industrial or marine settings. Our range encompasses various sizes, spanning from 10 LB ice cube tray ingots to 70 LB large ingots, each available with distinct purity specifications.

Understanding Pig Lead and Lead Ingot: Pig lead, or lead ingot, is essentially a mass of lead metal cast into a specific shape, often resembling a piglet or loaf, thus the name. Its form facilitates handling and transportation, making it a convenient choice across diverse industries.

Mars Metal Supplies Lead Ingot & Pig Lead We at Mars Metal offer a diverse array of lead ingots tailored to meet specific requirements. Whether it's standard-sized ingots or specialized lead grades, we possess the expertise and capabilities to deliver solutions precisely aligned with your specifications.

Lead Ingot & Lead Pigs From Mars Metal

Mars Metal can provide:

  • Lead ingots produced to ASTM B29-03 specifications, ensuring refined purity at 99.97% and pure lead at 99.94%.
  • Lead ingots with tweaked purity specifications to accommodate very low sulfur levels at controlled levels.
  • Purity specifications tailored for radiation shielding applications, such as interlocking lead bricks or nuclear quality pours, as well as for extrusion lines necessitating consistent lead quality for reliable repeat values.

Mars Metal also offers G2 ballast grade pig lead, meeting the requirements of end-users seeking "heavy metal" lead ballast weight solutions. This material boasts a minimum purity lead level of 96.5% and may contain 1.5-3% Antimony (Sb) and .1-3.5% Tin (Sn).

Mars Metal is proficient in providing highly specific lead grades, including:

  • Chemical Copper lead
  • Low sulfur
  • Low bismuth
  • Low silver pure lead
  • Various alloyed lead ingots tailored to your specifications, such as 3% antimonial bullion (typically used for sailboat keels) or 6% antimonial bullion.

Irrespective of the application or specifications, Mars Metal is equipped to provide tailored solutions. Connect with the Mars Metal team to explore options and place an order.

Mars Metal accepts Lead Ingot orders for a minimum of 500 lbs from commercial accounts, strictly for use in industrial, nuclear, medical, veterinary, scientific research, military, national defense, and other approved applications.

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