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2016 December

2016 December

Waterstop for concrete joints

December 31, 2016

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How To Avoid The Most Common Problems With Commercial Lampposts

December 30, 2016

There are three main components to commercial lampposts: The actual post, the lighting fixture, and the light bulb. The post, the fixture and the light bulb can create a multitude of common issues that impact the functionality of your commercial lighting systems.

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What are the Flooring Options for a Food Facility Washdown Area

December 28, 2016

Take a look at the California Retail Food Code Section 114268, where it talks about the requirements of flooring for a food facility: "...the floor surfaces in all areas in which food is prepared, prepackaged, or stored, where any utensil is washed, ... shall be smooth and of durable construction, and nonabsorbent material that is easily cleanable. Floor surfaces shall be coved at the juncture of the floor and wall with a 3/8 inch minimum radius coving and shall extend up the wall at least 4 inches...“

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Parking Booth

December 27, 2016

From single unit commercial structures to airport plazas and municipal parking facilities, Par-Kut builds quality parking booths that last regardless the location. Solid welded construction and corrosion resistant materials help Par-Kut parking booths battle physical and environmental abuse while keeping your operation and your attendants safe, secure and comfortable. Par-Kut portable steel buildings withstand adversity and remain looking good for up to 25 years with little or no maintenance.

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Architectural Glass Takes on a New Shape

December 23, 2016

Glass has become such a common material in modern buildings, it’s often easy to forget that we are relatively early in understanding the extent of its capabilities. It wasn’t even until the early 1950s, with the development of an automated float glass manufacturing process that provided consistent high quality at a moderate cost, that glass was truly made available to the masses. The future of architectural glass, however, is taking on a new shape. The ability to curve and bend glass has helped to evolve this material from a means of allowing natural light within interior spaces to an artistic focal point.

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The Grand Louvre - Phase I - honored with AIA Twenty-five Year Award

December 22, 2016

The Grand Louvre – Phase I - in Paris has been selected for the 2017 AIA Twenty-five Year Award. Designed by I.M. Pei, FAIA, and his firm Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, the 71-foot-high glass and stainless steel pyramid now rivals the Eiffel Tower as one of France’s most recognizable architectural icons.

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Loss Prevention: Ramping Up Retail Security for the Holidays

December 21, 2016

The season of giving is upon us, and with that comes an increase in sales–as well as an increase in shrinkage across the retail industry. Shrinkage is the loss of inventory often attributed to theft. That’s especially so in the holiday season, as indicated by loss prevention specialist Ernie Deyle’s holiday season forecast. As Deyle explains, the holiday season is a time when “people tend to rationalize immoral behavior like shoplifting. It’s much easier to do so when a child’s Christmas present is at stake rather than an extra bathing suit for the summer.”

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Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality This Winter

December 19, 2016

Proper home ventilation is especially important when your house is closed up during winter. Here are some tips to improve your indoor air quality this winter.

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4 'Gotchas' that could derail your front entrance security upgrades

December 16, 2016

We’ve installed thousands of campus entry solutions, talked to end users all over the world and have developed a comprehensive process for choosing the right security entrance. That said, no process is perfect, and we’ve come to observe that certain organizations will consider some of the decision criteria quite well but leave out one or two factors. We call these the “Gotchas,” and when forgetting or ignoring any one of the criteria, you can end up with a security entrance that doesn’t address the needs of your organization.

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Case study: Otterbein University’s STEAM Innovation Center featuring Extech’s Lightwall 3000 series curtain wall system

December 15, 2016

EXTECH’s LIGHTWALL 3000 series curtain wall system was selected for the project because it is one of the few that properly accommodates both polycarbonate and glass glazing within the same system. This is accomplished by using deep glazing pockets and low friction gaskets that allow for the thermal movement of polycarbonate, while still providing superior water and air infiltration performance.

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Louvers Play Key Role in Passive Air Management

December 14, 2016

At Stanford, they inspire sustainable building solutions and the people who work in them. The Environment and Energy Building (Y2E2) continues to perform and provide a sustainable learning environment. The four-story building contains classrooms, offices, and labs that are filled with experts and students who are motivated by the efficient building in which they work, research and advance a variety of sustainable solutions for future generations to come.

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An Introduction to Access Covers

December 12, 2016

Contemporary architecture strives to be seamless, high performance and flexible. As a result this requires intelligent and creative solutions to servicing these spaces. Integrated strategies for the provision of power, communication, data and HVAC are essential. Howe Green products enable this integration to happen.

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Solutions for the entire building façade

December 9, 2016

Say hello to urban solutions. Wherever you look, you will find us. Out of an office window. Walking into a shop. Looking up at an apartment building. Our range of solutions – from curtain walls and windows, to entrances, framing systems and architectural panels – are everywhere you need them to be, offering infinite possibilities in design, development and performance. We are here.

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Creating a Healthy, Safe, Age-Friendly Work Environment

December 7, 2016

Today’s workforce is comprised of workers of all ages. But older workers still do and will continue to make up a significant portion of the workforce. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, one in four American workers will be over age 55 by 2020.

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Architects empowered to drive positive change at SXSW Eco

December 5, 2016

Carbon-positive cities, biophilia, and data-centric decisions define the next American city that architects can help create.

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Bird deterrents: why UV light may not be the answer

December 2, 2016

The most recent trend in bird deterrents—using ultraviolet (UV) light technology—has grabbed the attention of both pest control companies and consumers who are on the lookout for safer, faster, and cheaper methods to protect their properties from damage caused by local and migrating bird populations. The question is whether or not these new UV methods are effective or not, and whether they are improvements over the current technology being used.

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