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2019 May

2019 May

Reflector™ Enhancer floors featuring gunmetal and titanium

May 31, 2019

People are choosing Reflector™ Enhancer Flooring Systems because they are a completely custom floor that add a unique design element to your space. These specialty floors will be sure to catch someone’s attention. With or without a high-gloss finish, these floors create a feel of movement that mimics water because they are seamless and fluid-applied in place.

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6 Ideas to rock a small minimalist bathroom design (without breaking the bank)

May 29, 2019

You’ve looked at one too many issues of Architectural Digest to put up with your crappy, outdated 5’ x 8’ bathroom any more. You’ve asked yourself what the heck was the guy who built this home thinking when... This article will show you 6 practical ideas to rock a design for a small minimalist bathroom without busting your budget.

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Hotel X Toronto

May 27, 2019

High style and eco-conscious design are often perceived as mutually exclusive. Hotel X Toronto—the latest addition to the Library Hotel Collection’s portfolio of international boutique hotel properties—boldly challenges this assumption.

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What’s the best strategy for solar-hungry homeowners?

May 24, 2019

Once overshadowed by high costs and low aesthetics, residential solar energy applications are now brightening the landscape, thanks to technological advances and financial incentives. From IKEA to Tesla, it seems like everyone is getting into the solar game. But is it better to invest in a solar roof, add panels to your existing roof, or replace your roof in tandem with a solar installation? Do you want to make the solar system a seamless addition to your home or bring it front and center to showcase your commitment to a sustainable future? Successfully integrating solar into a house calls for considerable knowledge and design skills. Consulting with an architect will make your decisions much easier.

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Solving its noise problem lets a township get back to work

May 22, 2019

Certainteed building scientists offer up an acoustical solution that is easy to replicate. Located approximately 30-miles outside of Philadelphia, East Whiteland Township is in the center of Chester County. The township building is typical of local government, a combination of office spaces and meeting facilities in a relatively no-frills municipal building.

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Bring copper ceiling tiles into your home easily with these installation tips

May 20, 2019

Like tin ceiling tiles, floor tiles and even the ceramic tile, installing copper ceiling tiles doesn’t have to be complicated, either. In fact, some of the easiest home renovations are done with copper ceiling tiles. They’re easy to clean, beautiful, and durable. Using copper ceiling tiles in your home is a smart move for almost any project.

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New MetalWorks™ Create!™ Custom Perforations transform images onto metal panels

May 17, 2019

Custom image perforation capability from Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions offers unique visual and acoustical performance.

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How has active shooter response changed?

May 15, 2019

Shooter response training has changed as law enforcement and emergency first responders have learned from more experience. In this article and video you will learn about the changes that have been made to Active Shooter Response.

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Self-watering planter reservoirs

May 10, 2019

TerraCast® Products cares about the environment and supports green practices! Our line of planters are available with self watering reservoirs. Minimize the amount of water waste by utilizing our self watering system! Reduce your watering cycles from days to weeks. Our self watering system is made in the USA from the same durable and long lasting resin material our planters are made of. Keep your flowers beautifully bloomed, not over-watered and damaged.

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Making access easy for the data networks of tomorrow

May 8, 2019

Family-owned and operated, Sichert is a Berlin-based company that specializes in solutions for fiber, copper, and multi-functional broadband communication networks. Established in 1923, Sichert has spent the last three decades gaining a reputation as the market leader for engineering sustainable and secure structures for intricate technological systems, such as their outdoor polycarbonate enclosures.

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T-Flex® – A Non-Lead Shielding Alternative

May 6, 2019

The T-Flex® Shielding range is a line of new radiation shielding materials, that will save you time and reduce installation frustration! No longer compromise on shielding effectiveness when protecting those difficult to access areas. T-Flex® Shielding is the industry’s preferred non-leaded shielding alternative. It provides maximum shielding effectiveness while still keeping the weight to a minimum, allowing you to reach your advanced ALARA program goals.

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Security Entrances for Indoors or Outdoors – or Both

May 3, 2019

You have a team of security guards, an ID card system in place, and a top-notch video surveillance system. Your facility is secure, right? Not so fast. While those security solutions are solid and necessary to help you to mitigate security risks, it is important to ensure that your entrances are secure, as well. After all, every door or entrance is an opportunity for someone to get in to your facility and cause harm.

Security entrances have become an essential tool to secure people, property and assets. This is true whether they are used indoors or outdoors, but not all entrances can handle both applications. Here are some types of security entrance solutions that can function indoors, outdoors – or both.

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Painting a Bedroom to Look Like Polished Silver

May 2, 2019

Burnished metallics wrap a cavernous master bedroom into a warm, cozy embrace.

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