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2016 July

2016 July

5 Proven Questions to Get the Size of Your Shower Opening Right

July 29, 2016

In all seriousness designing a shower opening is a bit like being a politician - you’re trading off competing interests. On one hand you want to have the biggest opening so it’s simple to get into and out of the shower whether you’re walking in, shuffling in or rolling in with a wheelchair. On the other hand you want the opening as small as possible so you don’t get water pooling on the bathroom floor which could lead to leakage in the floor below. Given these competing benefits of a smaller vs. larger shower opening where does that leave you? How can you find just the right sized shower opening for you and your family? Explore the answers to the following 5 questions and you’ll be assured to get the size and design of your shower opening correct.

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Commercial Grade Soft-Close Undermount slide

July 27, 2016

Tough enough for commercial use, model 3135EC Eclipse Undermount Easy-Close slide delivers flawless movement, easy adjustment, and superior soft-close action for jobs up to 30" wide.

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Benefits of Decorative Metal Ceilings

July 22, 2016

Whenever you walk into a room, your mood can be affected tremendously. Think about that nightclub restaurant you went to in the past. When you walk in there, you develop this mysterious vibe that compliments the area and creates an effective mood for the whole crowd. The same principles can be applied when shopping for ceilings for your home. Color and lighting can really help set a variety of moods for the rooms in your house. A common trend in decorative metal ceilings is the incorporation of metal tiles. Let’s us look into some of the benefits associated with decorative metal ceilings.

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Structural steel services for the building and construction sector

July 20, 2016

Since acquiring VTS Hertford in April 2014 Howe Green has the expertise and capability to design and make a wide range of structural steel fabrications including: builders’ beams, RSJs, frames, platforms, stairways, steel columns, channels and posts.

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Designer John Gidding on Finding Color Inspiration

July 18, 2016

STIR® sits down with Curb Appeal’s John Gidding for a look into what drives his designs and color choices. You may know him as the brain behind stunning front-home makeovers on HGTV’s Curb Appeal or as one of the expert judges on Fox’s Home Free. However you recognize John Gidding, it’s clear he’s a design talent with a keen eye for color — and a very busy man. Between his many projects, STIR was able to sit down with John and get a look into his color theory and design inspirations, plus what’s coming up next.

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Antimicrobial Protection for Architectural Aluminum

July 16, 2016

Linetec Specialty Coatings include antimicrobial protection for high-touch, architectural metal products’ exterior and interior surfaces, such as doors, windows, curtainwall, entrances, panels and column covers.

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Fresh air systems. Better air. Better life.

July 13, 2016

Learn how Broan's Fresh Air Systems manage indoor humidity during these hot summer months.

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The Feng Shui of Kalwall

July 11, 2016

Inspired by Feng Shui – the Chinese art of positioning structures to harmonize with spiritual forces – the architects of the Piscine Du Fort swimming pool in Issy-Les-Moulineaux, France chose a Kalwall® wall system of Kalcurve® panels to be a key piece of the design.

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Smart Ways to Upgrade Your Deck

July 8, 2016

Your deck project is considered one of the best places to spend your home improvement dollars. Investment motives aside, our decks provide hours of enjoyment with friends and family, so it should no longer be at the bottom of your home improvement wish list.

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Darlington upgrades good for business in Burlington

July 6, 2016

Justin Parrington and Kevin Milne of MarShield Custom Radiation Products participated in a talk on the economic spinoff of the Darlington refurbishment project hosted by the Burlington Chamber of Commerce and Ontario Power Generation (OPG). Here is what the Burlington Post had to say about the meeting.

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Blackout & mesh shades in the same window? Dual Roller Shades are the solution!

July 5, 2016

The motorized FlexShade® by Draper offer the ultimate in high-tech convenience in a functional shading system. The simplicity of shades with the versatility of motorized operation.

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Evolution Of Revolving Door Security: Teaching Old Doors New Tricks

July 4, 2016

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Restaurant Ceiling Tiles

July 1, 2016

Shop 100's of Drop in Ceiling Tiles (metal or PVC), Nail up Ceiling Tiles (metal) or Glue up Ceiling Tiles (PVC). Restaurant, bistro, cafe, or snack shop: decorative ceiling tiles are the perfect way to create the atmosphere you want to portray. We even have great restaurant ceiling tiles for pubs, taverns, and inns. And whether you serve Italian, Greek, Japanese, Moroccan, Ethiopian, or any type of fusion cuisine, we have a restaurant ceiling tile design that will fit in perfectly with your theme.

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