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2016 November

2016 November

Safety standards for slips, trips, and falls

November 30, 2016

Due to the fact that 55% of slip and fall accidents happen on walking surfaces, coefficient of friction of new or replacement flooring should always be tested and researched.

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New designs from Victor Stanley: Camille Table & Benches

November 29, 2016

In the true spirit of the Reverie collection, Camille provides functionality with a minimalistic design aesthetic. Its slim profile, solid steel frame with exceptionally high recycled content, and use of genuine IPE wood slats, makes for sleek design, with longevity in mind.

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Kalwall Featured in Major Award-Winning College Project

November 28, 2016

Lauded for its use of space and light that includes an eye-catching string of skylights featuring Kalwall translucent sandwich panels, the $44 million student life center at SUNY Cortland is one of the two main winners of the American School and University Magazine’s Educational Interiors Showcase awards.

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Major announces new Auburn® skylight option

November 25, 2016

Major Industries, in conjunction with Greenbuild 2016, announced the release of a new line of Auburn® single slope skylights. These new high-performance glass skylights feature thermal strut technology for enhanced thermal performance, including better condensation resistance. These new Auburn® skylights are available in a variety of custom sizes and configurations, with custom finish options and more, and will also soon be available to purchase online at in select standard sizes.

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Brazil Takes PENETRON to the Hilton

November 23, 2016

Around the world, waterfront construction sites with a high water table call for PENETRON technology. The basement structure of Rio de Janeiro’s newest hotel, the Hilton Barra Rio de Janeiro Hotel, is built on PENETRON’s crystalline technology.

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Tunnel Vision: New York City’s East Side Access Project

November 21, 2016

AMBICO’s state-of-the-art pressure resistant door and frame assemblies will keep New York City commuters safe on the city’s brand new commuter rail system.

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How to specify Concrete Floor to be Polished?

November 18, 2016

So your client has decided they want a concrete floor? How do you specify the concrete floor to be polished? You can’t just say, “Pour concrete and then polish it.” As more architects specify polished concrete for both residential and commercial uses, it’s important to have everyone speaking the same language. Many polished concrete specifications are vague, because many of the people doing the specifications are not familiar with the full process. The way the concrete is handled, from the pour to the last trowel, influences the outcome of the polish job. No other flooring option has as much versatility and ease of maintenance as a polished concrete floor, but it must be specified correctly.

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Rigorous Testing Standards Ensure Effective Security

November 16, 2016

Total Security Solutions is dedicated to producing high-quality bullet-resistant products that effectively secure your company’s most valuables assets, from the employees behind the counter to the cash in the drawer. We manufacture our bulletproof barriers in-house to stringent specifications, the most demanding in the industry, guaranteeing superior quality. In addition, all of our system components pass rigorous testing, often conducted by multiple standards agencies, including UL (Underwriter’s Laboratory).

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Make rooms quieter with a little help from EchoControl acoustical shading

November 14, 2016

In a recent CEPro article entitled “6 Steps to Isolate Rooms for Sound,” Home Theatre Designer Scott Bourquin discusses how to make a room quieter. Bourquin points out that “the quieter you make a room, the greater impression it gives of quality workmanship.” So making rooms quieter can have benefits beyond the technical aspects.

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Acoustical Walls, Ceilings and Special Applications

November 11, 2016

Easy to work with and install, Tectum Interior Panels are commonly used in new construction, retrofits and anywhere acoustic absorption, style and toughness are needed. They absorb sound and are tough enough to stand up to daily abuse in high-traffic, heavy-use areas.

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AAG100 Plaster J-Bead™ Curved Linear Grille

November 9, 2016

Recently we were approached by one of our Architect partners to assist with a very unique challenge. They designed a custom ceiling recess with a light fixture access point. To bring HVAC to that area of the room required a grille to match both the curve and the contour of the ceiling. This would mean a linear bar grille incorporating both a top-to-bottom radius and a side-to-side twist.

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ARE 5.0 means big decisions for emerging professionals

November 7, 2016

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Winner in NADRA 2016 Deck Competion

November 4, 2016

Feeney has won 1st and 2nd place Manufacturer Project category in the 2016 National Deck Competition. Find out the winning architects and see more photos.

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Don’t Make Color Decisions at Sunset

November 2, 2016

Color perception changes throughout the day. Here’s what you need to know about the sun’s changing influence.

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