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2015 December

2015 December

Kalwall Featured: Guide Dogs for the Blind New Student Residence

December 30, 2015

Studio Bondy Architecture incorporated Kalwall translucent composite sandwich panels to thoughtfully craft a new facility that caters to the needs of the blind and their service animals.

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Free TotalFlash takeoff service

December 29, 2015

Installing a masonry cavity wall flashing system? The TotalFlash cavity wall drainage solution saves you time and reduces headaches, and our free takeoff service saves you even more time. Send us your plans and we’ll send you exactly how many TotalFlash panels and CompleteFlash 14” High Corner Boots and end dams you’ll need. Plus we’ll precut all your TotalFlash panels for your exterior wall openings at no charge, making it easy for one worker to quickly and easily install flashing over wall openings.

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Designing Outdoor Public Spaces is Vital to the Future of our Cities

December 28, 2015

The vice president of design and marketing at Landscape Forms calls on the outdoor-furniture industry to build the collaborations that will shape the metropolitan experiences of tomorrow.

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Active Design Guidelines for Walkable Communities

December 23, 2015

Urban design strategies can greatly affect user activities. On a city- or nation-wide scale, active design—or the lack thereof—can have lasting impacts on the overall health and well-being of general populations.

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Hands Down: Hand Safety Tips You Need to Know

December 21, 2015

Cuts, sprains, strains, fractures, burns, amputations—these are all injuries that can occur on hands.

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OSHA Safety and Health Guidelines

December 18, 2015

OSHA has just released a new draft to its Safety and Health Program Management Guidelines. The guidelines were originally published in 1989. After taking into account best practices and successful approaches under the Voluntary Protection Program and the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program, as well as building on the old guidelines, OSHA is asking for public comment on the new version. Public comment can be made until February 15, 2016.

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3 buildings that balance aesthetics and performance

December 16, 2015

Architects today find themselves in a sometimes difficult spot. Growing demand for sustainable buildings is putting more emphasis on quality building materials, while the demand for aesthetically pleasing designs remains the same. For architects, this requires a proper balance of creativity and practicality. The good news is now that energy efficient buildings are growing increasingly popular, there are more ways than ever to create structures that are both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing by using the best insulation, without compromising design. Let's explore this new wave of construction.

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NOVA Effects coatings provide rich color and vibrant sparkle

December 14, 2015

Linetec’s newest architectural coatings includes Valspar’s Fluropon Effects Nova finishes. The Nova color family offers richer, deeper hues with an intense sparkle. Bringing new dimension to classic colors, Nova can be matched to nearly any color – including neutrals, bright colors, pastels, whites and black – with a gold or silver sparkle finish.

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Making History: The National Constitution Center

December 11, 2015

The historic National Constitution Center combines dimensional stone and StoneLite® natural stone composite panels to create a modern-classic aesthetic in the heart of Philadelphia.

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10 Major Benefits To Installing LED Tree Ring Lighting

December 9, 2015

Tree ring lighting can completely alter the look of commercial, residential and public properties, all while offering a world of unexpected benefits. Not only do tree lights improve the aesthetics of a property but they can also increase safety. The benefits go on and on, especially when you go with our specially formulated LLDPE resin-based tree ring lights.

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Commercial and Residential Ceiling Tiles

December 7, 2015

Many commercial buildings, offices, and shops can look drab, dull, and dingy. Do you own such a space? Are you looking for an easy way to spruce it up, so that it is more appealing to your customers, associates, and suppliers? Decorative Ceiling Tiles is here to help!

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Teaching Those Who Keep Us Safe: The National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security

December 4, 2015

With the news filled with the recent terror attacks on Paris, many people are expressing concern about personal safety in public venues. What is not well known is that protocols exist to deter acts of terror in public areas. For example, when the suicide bombers attempted to gain entry to the Stade de France, a security guard detected the explosives vest worn by one of the suspects. Had the suicide bombers been able to enter the stadium, the explosions and the subsequent stampede of panicking fans would have caused many more injuries and deaths.

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Print custom graphics on window shades

December 2, 2015

I couldn’t help myself. I had to smile recently when Teri Boxell and Karen Reno, Draper’s window shade sales staffers assigned to work with Budget Blinds franchises, shared a story with us. It was a “Budget Blinds Commercial Services Franchise of the Week” story from “In the Spotlight,” a Budget Blinds e-newsletter, and it was all about a case of Draper to the rescue. This story provides an excellent example to Draper and our dealers that, as Yogi Berra said, “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over!”

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