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StoneLite® Exterior Stone Applications

March 9, 2023

StoneLite® Exterior Stone Applications


StoneLite® has been installed on hundreds of commercial projects from 58 stories  to one (1) story structures throughout the world and in climates that experience freeze thaw, extreme heat, seismic, tornadoes, hurricanes and everything in between.


Pre-panelization is the process in which the framing is attached to the panels and they are shipped to the job site in pre-determined numerical system ready to be installed.  The maximum panel length is 30′  but can go as high as 10-12 feet.  Granite panels with steel stud back up framing weighs less than 7 lbs. per sq. ft.


Because StoneLite® panels are constructed with a natural stone facing they can be used to create a multitude of looks by combining stones and finishings.


Elegant stone finishes can be incorporated into extraordinary architectural details. Lightweight stone shapes and cornices are economically fabricated.  Dimensional stone can be cut to produce most shapes but it is profoundly expensive to produce and install compared to lightweight reinforced stone panels which can be manufactured and installed at a fraction of the cost of traditional stone.

Curved Stone


Stone Panels, Inc. has been manufacturing StoneLite® panels with a fixed curve for over 25 years. The oldest exterior curved panels in the U.S. are on Kimbrough Hall, Washington State University in Pullman, WA, completed in 1988. The building is clad with Chantilly (French) limestone with an 18-ft. radius. SPI would prefer to limit the amount of radius on exteriors to 20-ft. for limestone and 40-ft. or more for granite and marble, especially if the stone is on the exterior side of the curve.


Stone Panels, Inc. supplied a significant amount of curved marble for the interior of the Thomas F. Eagleton Federal Courthouse in St. Louis in 2000. Traveling exhibits for Infinity and Rolex also incorporated curved limestone and marble.

Balconies and Cantilevered Structures


StoneLite®’s lightweight properties make it possible for architects and designers to easily accommodate cantilever structures that might be difficult or impossible to design with heavy or dimension stone.




StoneLite® panels lightweight properties reduces stress on the structure and can be installed typically by a two man team from a swing stage.




StoneLite® Rainbow sandstone is used for multiple lintels, column covers and the entrances accented with bands and diamond shape insets of Atlantic Green slate.


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