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Tourlock 180: The Ultimate High Security Revolving Door

July 2, 2024

  • Tailgating prevention
  • Piggybacking prevention with StereoVision system
  • Simultaneous, bi-directional traffic
  • Ideal for unmanned, high traffic entrances

Tourlock 180: The Ultimate High Security Revolving Door

The Tourlock 180 security revolving door from Boon Edam is designed to address the dual challenges of high security and high traffic flow. Integrated seamlessly with access control systems, its innovative four-winged design effectively prevents unauthorized access, safeguarding both people and assets without requiring constant guard supervision. This efficiency translates into a notable return on investment within just one to two years.

The High Traffic 4-Wing Security Revolving Door

The Tourlock 180 offers various security packages, ranging from basic tailgating prevention to advanced piggybacking prevention. For enhanced security needs, the optional StereoVision® system uses smart near-infrared "time of flight" technology to create precise 3D images of individuals entering, ensuring they are alone and detecting both tailgating and piggybacking attempts.

  • Prevents tailgating (unauthorized entry into trailing compartment)
  • Optional StereoVision system prevents piggybacking (unauthorized entry into same compartment)
  • Seamless integration with access control and biometric devices
  • Onboard user communication system
  • Supports high, simultaneous, bi-directional traffic

StereoVision Advanced Anti-Piggybacking Technology

The StereoVision® technology provides robust anti-piggybacking capabilities, leveraging optical and near-infrared sensors to ensure reliable performance regardless of lighting conditions or reflections.

Accessories for the Tourlock 180

Boon Edam offers a range of flexible options to customize the Tourlock 180, ensuring it meets specific security, technological, and design requirements. Access control integration is available, accommodating various access and biometric devices.

Bullet-Resistant Package

The Tourlock 180 can be equipped with a bullet-resistant package capable of withstanding multiple bullets, enhancing security in sensitive locations.

Service and Maintenance

To maintain operational efficiency and security integrity, Boon Edam provides comprehensive service, preventative maintenance, and prompt delivery of parts, minimizing downtime and potential vulnerabilities.

For more detailed information on the Tourlock 180 security revolving door, visit Boon Edam's official website.

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