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Xypex Project: Ramses II Statue at the Grand Egyptian Museum


In 2018, the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) in Giza undertook the relocation of the 83-ton, 3,200-year-old statue of Ramses II - a monumental piece of art and history. The primary objective was to preserve this unique historical artifact and provide a more suitable environment for its display and appreciation.

The Ramses at it’s new location, the Grand Egyptian Museum.
The Ramses at it’s new location, the Grand Egyptian Museum.

The meticulous execution of the relocation necessitated specialized equipment, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to preventing any damage to the massive statue. Once in its new home within GEM, the statue of Ramses II was strategically placed on a concrete base situated within a water pond.

In collaboration with the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, the renowned engineering consultant, Dr. Ahmed Osman, and the contracting company, Arab Contractors, sought a steadfast and long-lasting waterproofing solution to protect the concrete base and safeguard the 3,200-year-old statue.

The transportation of the statue.

The selected solution was Xypex Concentrate, chosen for its exceptional performance and proven track record in other iconic applications. Xypex surface-applied waterproofing chemicals penetrate the concrete substrate, reacting with moisture to generate insoluble crystals. These crystals grow within the concrete’s capillaries, pores, and cracks, effectively blocking the passage of water.

The unveiling of the statue.

This ensures permanent waterproofing, safeguarding the concrete pedestal and the Ramses II statue from water infiltration and moisture-related damage or deterioration. The successful completion of the waterproofing using Xypex Concentrate marks a significant milestone in the construction of the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM). The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities can rest assured that the concrete plinth supporting this invaluable piece of history has been permanently waterproofed and protected through the application of Xypex Concentrate.

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