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Xypex at International Nile Club, Celebration Hall, Sudan


The International Nile Club, situated along the Blue Nile river in Khartoum, Sudan, specified bituminous membrane sheets and polyethylene sheets for waterproofing basements and other areas of the structure. However, this waterproofing solution failed within a year of application. Xypex products were selected to waterproof the areas where traditional waterproofing could not.

Xypex at International Nile Club, Celebration Hall, Sudan

Uniseal Construction Chemicals (formerly Protech) submitted a technical proposal advocating for the use of the unique Xypex Crystalline Technology, which waterproofs concrete structures from the positive or negative sides.

The proposal was accepted, and the contractors, Sadig International Co. Ltd and Dejian Chinese for Contracting Co. Ltd, applied 779 m2 of Xypex Concentrate to waterproof and protect the external concrete walls of key areas, such as the Celebration Hall, the main club basement, trenches, elevator pits, and other elements of the main building.

The selection of Xypex products ensured a durable and long-lasting waterproofing solution for concrete, thereby enhancing the overall structure's longevity and chemical resistance.

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