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Tungsten Heavy Alloy from MarsMetal


Tungsten Heavy Alloy from MarsMetal

Why Tungsten?

Tungsten Heavy Alloy has a density of up to 18.89 g/cm3 vs. lead at 11.34 g/cm3. It’s ease of mechanical processing / machining, high ductility and strength makes it a viable option for many applications where lead is not feasible whether it be for size reduction, maximizing weight in large or small cavities or for radiation shielding. Tungsten Alloy is strong and highly customizable into precision components.

Radiation Protection – Nuclear, Medical & NDT

  • Tungsten Heavy Alloy is an excellent material for shielding, guaranteeing that radiation exposure is kept to a minimum and ensuring that ALARA goals in the workplace. Machinability, radiographic density, strength, low toxicity, and heat resistance allow for superior design adaptability vs. other shielding materials. Tungsten Alloys are easily customizable.
  • Isotope vials and containers
  • Custom shielding components
  • Collimators for x-ray detectors
  • Multi-leaf collimators
  • Collimators for radiosurgery

Tungsten Heavy Alloy Ballast Weight

Tungsten Heavy Alloy allows for maximum weight is the smallest of places and is highly superior when it comes to dimensional stability, durability, density as well as low toxicity.

Aircraft and Marine Counterbalance Weights

Machinability to exact tolerances is why Tungsten Heavy Alloy is one of the preferred materials in the domain of aerospace for varied years as:
  • Counterbalance weight for rudders, ailerons
  • Helicopter blades and propellers
  • Radar equipment and avionics systems


Balancing weights on crankshafts, balance shafts on large diesel engines and other uses as damper weight and as absorber components in drive train are also popular due to tungsten heavy alloy’s high density, excellent mechanical processing characteristics, and high elasticity.

Down hole well logging weights and casings

Well logging is used in the gas and oil industry for the categorization of wells and positioning of down hole equipment. It is an outstanding casing material for down hole logging of gas and oil. Mechanical properties are noteworthy to the survivability of them rather large components.

Bucking Bars

Bucking bars of Tungsten Heavy Alloy are highly denser than steel, hence ensuring bucking bar of the similar weight but half of the size. They are used in setting of rivet to up the shank. They also reduce the recoil while reflecting the impact reverse to the shank of rivet.

Racing Weights in Formula 1 Race

It is used by specialized racing teams in a diversity of racing forums for fine-tuning the chassis and skid plates. It ensures 50% more weight of a given volume having the added advantages of straight attachment using threaded holes as well as the freedom from the deformation.

Boring Bars and Tooling

The combined high elastic (Young’s) modulus, high density and machine ability of the alloys make them perfect materials for boring bars as well as grinding quills with no chatter. High extension rations are achievable with high stiffness of the material. With high density, the range has become an effective inertial damping material of cutting with induced vibration. Grade HA170 or HA175 Tungsten alloy is most commonly used.

Sporting goods for golf clubs and firearms

Tungsten Heavy Alloy has maximum density that allows for the smallest component possible. Hence, it is used in golf clubs as well as tennis rackets that increases the spot size as well as adds to the stability while decreasing the vibration and shock for enhanced power and control. Balance fine tuning as well as inertial masses to move through the center of gravity.

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