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Sto Breaks Ground on Manufacturing Facility in Mexico to Support Growth in the Region


Sto Corp., the innovative world leader in claddings, air barriers, coatings, and restoration systems, has broken ground on a new manufacturing facility in Muncipio de Dalina, Victoria, Nuevo Leon. Located just minutes outside Monterrey, Mexico, the new facility is scheduled for completion in June 2025.

Sto Breaks Ground on Manufacturing Facility in Mexico to  Support Growth in the Region

The facility will initially be dedicated to servicing Mexico and Southern Texas, regions that were previously served by Arizona and Atlanta plants. The facility will later expand its operations to accommodate the production of StoCast, a realistic wood and brick facade aesthetic that can be used in a variety of Sto wall systems, ceilings, and soffits.

The project will see the recruitment of approximately 25 personnel, spanning across managerial and operational roles.

Positioned on a 108,000 square foot lot with close access to Highway 35, the industrial building will feature Sto finishes and integrate eco-friendly elements, including a rainwater collection system. This system will not only promote sustainability but also enable the tracking of collected rainwater for metric evaluation. Moreover, for communities reliant on imported water, rainwater harvesting can alleviate pressure on local water sources, thus reducing the need for imported water and helping utilities manage peak demands during summer months.

Jose Berlingeri, CEO of Sto Corp. states, “Sto’s investment in Mexico marks a significant step forward in our manufacturing ventures. This new facility not only strengthens Sto’s foothold in the region but also our commitment to delivering innovative solutions while embracing sustainability practices that benefit both our business and the communities we serve.”
Indominus, S.A. DE C.V. is the developer and is spearheading the construction, with NewMark overseeing project management.

“From a strategic point of view, North America is a very important region for Sto. We are therefore delighted we will be strengthening our presence in Mexico with a production facility,” commented Rainer Hüttenberger, CEO, Sto Management SE.

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