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Ray-Bar Engineering - Radiation Shielding Products

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Ray-Bar Engineering offers a full line of additional products for radiation shielding and x-ray protection in medical healthcare applications. Our selection of radiation shielding products includes:

Lead Sheet, Plate, and Brick

  • Pure Lead Sheet available cut to size in 11 thicknesses
  • Pure Lead Plate available in 6 thicknesses per our Ray-Bar standard stock thickness conversion chart
  • Meets all applicable NCRP report#147 requirements and 99.9% purity per Federal Specification QQ-L-201F Grade C and ASTM B749-03 Type L51121.
  • Lead Brick available cast or extruded in many thickness and size configurations as block or interlocking. Meets Federal Specification QQ-L-171 and ASTM B29-79.

Powder Coated Lead

  • Ray-Bar powder coated lead products provide a durable and clean shielding alternative; available cut to size in 17 lead sheet and lead plate thicknesses and many brick or machined block sizes. Many solid color options available.

Lead Machined Parts

  • Typically utilized for shielding or high density counterweight applications; machined to customers sizes, specifications, tolerances and mechanical drawings.

Lead Vinyl and Flexible Shielding

  • Clean and durable lead vinyl radiation shielding sheets available in 3 shielding thickness levels cut to customer size requirements up to 48" x 96".
  • Lead Foil Tape with adhesive backing for low energy shielding applications.
  • Gamma putty and Neutron putty for shielding voids, holes or joints in higher energy radiation or linear accelerator applications.

Lead Tape, Wool, and Wire

  • Adhesive Backed "peel and stick" Lead Tape available in widths from 1/4" to 2" for low energy x-ray protection applications.
  • Pure Lead Wool for filling of voids in lead brick or concrete walls.
  • Lead wire or rod available in 11 standard diameters from 1/8" to 1" available as pure lead or hardened alloy; sold as 25# spools.
  • Extruded Lead Pipe and Tube available in many O.D. / I.D. diameters and lengths.
  • Lead Shot available in a "free-flow" composition for higher density compaction and easy of filling voids in shielded lead or concrete walls and barriers.

Retrofit Shielding Products

  • Unique Ray-Bar shielding products for existing lead lined x-ray radiation rooms to provide alternative options and easy installation of new penetrations in walls and partitions, or as solutions to radiation leaks.
  • These Ray-Bar Products include electrical box covers, shielded box shrouds, lead lined boxes, lead backed boxes, shielded screw cap covers, lead lined corner guards, lead lining kits, shielded HVAC diffusers, and other custom products.

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