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About STD-4C Mailbox Suites

STD-4C Mailbox Suites

Florence versatile™ 4C mailbox suites provide a simple, easy-to-use 'pre-configured' suite of mailboxes which all meet or exceed every security requirement of the USPS STD-4C regulation for wall-mounted mail receptacles. Offering 38 different individual modules to select from, PLUS a configurable option, Florence has the most extensive line of USPS Approved 4C products on the market today.

Florence knows that there are times when a project may require a little something extra. Therefore, Florence is proud to expand its robust USPS Approved product line by introducing a NEW configurable option within each of the 38 versatile™ modules. It is now possible to replace single tenant mailbox compartment doors with double, triple or even quadruple size tenant mailbox compartment doors. This flexibility will allow customization within each mailbox module while still being USPS approved. To see just how this expanded option can affect a specific project, visit the industry unique online mailbox configurator to begin designing a fully configurable versatile 4C mailbox layout.

versatile STD-4C mailbox suites Front-load
Whether recessed or surface mounted with our USPS approved collar, these versatile 4C mailbox suites, available in eight architectural powder coat color options, are sure to please. With a unique patented double-latching parcel locking mechanism and a master loading door designed with interlocking, overlapping seams, this robust line provides exceptional durability and security.

versatile STD-4C mailbox suites Rear-load
When installed in a wall that opens into a secure room, Florence's exclusive rear-load design allows for faster mail delivery. This extension of the robust USPS Approved versatile 4C product line provides plenty of options for all your mail delivery room needs and meets all USPS installation specifications.

versatile Trash / Recycling Bins
Designed to match 4C mailboxes in this versatile™ 4C mailbox suite, this new trash / recycling bin module is now available to accesorize a 4C mailbox installation or it can be used alone as a trash and/or recycling center. These bins are made of the same high-quality materials you expect from Florence and are available in all standard versatile™ powder coat finishes.


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STD-4C Mailboxes and Parcel Lockers from Florence Corporation STD-4C Mailboxes and Parcel Lockers from Florence Corporation
Our robust versatile 4C mailbox line was developed with a simple to use modular system that provides a very flexible solution for your individual project needs - taking the guesswork out of meeting the necessary USPS requirements and/or ADA Fair Housin...
May 09, 2024 URL
STD-4C Recessed Mount Mailboxes in Silver Speck Finish STD-4C Recessed Mount Mailboxes in Silver Speck Finish
The versatile 4C mailbox suites offer 12 different heights with over 140 pre-configured individual modules, plus the ability to configure any base module to fit your specific project needs. Suite heights provide greater flexibility in ensuring your mai...
Jan 10, 2024 URL
Wall Mounted Mail Boxes from Florence Corporation Wall Mounted Mail Boxes from Florence Corporation
Florence also offers numerous pre-configured 4C mailboxes and parcel lockers to deliver flexible solutions for a variety of projects. Used both indoors and outdoors, these options can be combined to accommodate most mailbox installation needs or they c...
Aug 30, 2023 URL

Brochures | 3-Part CSI specifications | CAD details

Brochures for STD-4C Mailbox Suites

Brochures for STD-4C Mailbox Suites
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Florence Corporation Full-Line Product Catalog
Centralized Mail and Package Solutions -- The current Florence product catalog in the Adobe Acrobat PDF file format.
PDF 10.8 MB Open
Product Catalogs
Download our print collateral, special instruction documents and more.
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Mailbox Configurator
Mailbox Configurator – Design a custom mailbox layout with our industry unique online Revit mailbox configurator. This drag-and-drop tool guides the process and provides BIM and/or CAD drawings.
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Postal Regulations
Download Regulations and Mailbox Standards. The following documents include important information about Postal Regulations and mailbox design standards.
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Install Manuals
Install Manuals
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How-To Videos
Please view our videos to learn more about us and our products.
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3-Part CSI specifications for STD-4C Mailbox Suites

3-Part CSI specifications for STD-4C Mailbox Suites
Description Format Size Download
Architectural Specification Documents
Florence Manufacturing has been included in master specs for decades and is happy to provide you with our product specifications in both .doc and .rtf format. Other names we may be listed under include: Auth, Auth-Florence, Auth-Electric, American Device, Cutler, Florence, Florence Corporation, and Florence Manufacturing.
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CAD details for STD-4C Mailbox Suites

CAD details for STD-4C Mailbox Suites
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Architects Toolkit
Florence has been included in master specs for decades and is pleased to be specified in over 80% of all projects needing Section 10 55 00 postal specialties in the United States. Select from do-it-yourself online tools or contact our architectural sales manager, Mike Travisano for personalized assistance. We have dedicated resources to help whether you are in early planning stages or bumping up against last minute deadlines. Whether you need continuing education credits, assistance in navigating current postal regulations, product specific CAD drawings or BIM objects, or written specifications; Florence is here when you need us!
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STD-4C Recessed Mount Mailboxes in Silver Speck Finish (Sep 22, 2022)

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