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Dedication in the East End - Sally's Path


At the East End of Pittsburgh where a historic Nabisco Factory once flourished, now lives a vibrant community filled with shopping, restaurants, major employers and thriving universities. Featuring sustainable construction, Bakery Square provides free events, biking and hiking paths, family-friendly parks and the newly constructed Sally's Path.

All Photos © Ed Massery
All Photos © Ed Massery

Nestled between Bakery Office Two and Bakery Office Three in a unique and fun design, Wausau Tile's standard and custom colored Textured Granite architectural pavers provide a smooth path for all visitors. With the help of white, illuminating trees and several LED color changing light strips, the magical path that was created not only delivers a safe walking space for neighbors and visitors, but also provides as a sweet dedication to a beloved mother - Sally Perelman Lehman.

Sally and her husband, David, owned and operated Stadtlander's Pharmacy, an dependent pharmacy in Shadyside, and helped improve the commercial activity on Walnut Street. A pioneer in her own right, Sally was also a loving mother to three children, including Walnut Capital's CEO and founder, Gregg Perelman.

As a business owner of one of Pittsburgh's fastest growing property management and real estate companies, Greg helped turn the historic Shadyside neighborhood of East End, into a thriving and bustling lifestyle center. This contemporary neighborhood was a dream of Gregg's and with the support and encouragement of his mother, Sally, Gregg helped create an amazing urban area known as Bakery Square.

Sally always motivated Gregg to create his own path to success and enjoyed watching Bakery Square become a reality. With the completion of this dream, Gregg thought it was only fitting to dedicate a piece of Bakery Square to his beloved mother. Sally's Path is a beautiful and artfully designed bike and walking path that helps tie in the creative and modern aspects of Bakery Square. Although Wausau Tile only played a small part in the making of this dedication, we enjoyed helping make Sally's Path a reality.

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