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Create the Perfect Gathering Spot on the Greens


Create the Perfect Gathering Spot on the Greens

Create an inviting space from the entrance to the greens with Wausau Tile’s architectural products. Our extensive list of site furnishings and architectural pavers - all available in numerous standard and customized options - will provide you with unlimited combinations for your country club or golf course.

Find the perfect tables and chairs for entertainment on your patio, benches that invite your guests to relax while waiting for their shot at the fairway, trash receptacles to keep your grounds environmentally safe, and don’t forget the architectural pavers, signs, planters and bollards for your front entrance and other security needs. Cater to all your visitors needs with strong, durable and stylish products from Wausau Tile, where your options are endless.

Architectural Pavers

From driveways, to club entrances, to patio areas, Wausau Tile has the perfect architectural paver for any surface. With over 30 different paver series and a multitude of colors, finishes, sizes, thicknesses and capabilities - including ADA safety and roof deck systems, your entire golf course or country club can be outfitted to meet any requirements.


Whatever your outdoor seating needs, Wausau Tile’s concrete, metal and plastic benches and chairs are the dependable, low-maintenance choice to finish your project with style. From modern block benches to classic metal seating, we have the perfect product for any outdoor space. Our durable seating products are available in a variety of finishes, colors and styles and are built to last.

Trash Receptacles

Wausau Tile’s trash and recycling receptacles are durable enough to weather the elements of any outdoor conditions. Choose a traditional look in concrete or a modern design in plastic or metal. With a multitude of colors and finishes available, your perfect color combination is ready to be selected. Let us help you keep your space clean and environmentally friendly.


Create an attractive outdoor space with Wausau Tile’s dependable and cost-effective concrete or metal planters. With a huge array of sizes, styles, patterns and colors, our planters help boost the aesthetic value and safety of patios, building entrances and parkways. Combine various sizes of the same planters or match our architectural pavers with several planters for a look that will wow the crowd.

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