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Savannah Trims

3567 91st Street North, # 4,
City, state:
West Palm Beach, FL
Postal code:
33403 show map
United States
(888) 640-0850
(561) 656-2556
(561) 656-2599

We at 'Savannah' are specialists in the application of exterior building components such as Exterior Blinds, Glass Skylights and Standard Skylights, and Flood Barriers. We focus on architectural building components, with emphasis on the building exterior, and, those components that solve issues of flood, hurricane and typhoon protection as well. It is always our intention to be the 'Link-of-Knowledge' for the Architect, Builder, and Contractor, where expert information and direction may always be had.

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(08600) Skylight
(08620) Unit Skylight
(08 62 13) Domed Unit Skylights
(08 62 19) Vaulted Unit Skylights
  (12 21 16) Vertical Louver Blinds
(12 21 16.13) Metal Vertical Louver Blinds
(12 21 16.23) Wood Vertical Louver Blinds
(12 21 16.33) Plastic Vertical Louver Blinds

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