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Project Showcase: The Manchester Hotel in Lexington, Kentucky


Project Showcase: The Manchester Hotel in Lexington, Kentucky

The Manchester Hotel in Lexington, Kentucky, is inspired by the area's historic architecture and the extravagant parties of the Derby. It captures the charm of equestrian society and is the first significant new construction in the Distillery District in nearly 100 years.

The hotel features a lobby bar, a high-end restaurant on the ground level, and a rooftop bar with an open terrace on the seventh floor. The building embodies the social nature of historic hotels and takes it to a new level.

The exterior of the building features Belden modular Belcrest 530 full, thin, and sloped rowlock brick in the upper mass. The façades have multiple panels of intricate brick patterning and corbeling around windows and doors, which creates unique shadow patterns that constantly change throughout the day with the sun's movement. The second-floor arched windows add to the building's impressive height. Each guest room has large, 8-foot windows with traditional mullions, offering great views of downtown Lexington and the new Town Branch Park.


EOP Architects designed the building's façade to blend with the industrial vibe of the neighborhood while adding extra brick detailing to provide warmth, depth, and pattern. Arches do double duty by reflecting the vernacular architecture of the Bluegrass region and, at the same time, inciting memories of grand old hotels.

Jenny Bukovec Design & Creative drew on the best bits of Kentucky history and culture to design the lobby of The Manchester in Lexington. The lobby features rich wood- and brick-lined interiors, with a wall of Belcrest 530 brickwork and corbelled arches leading to a bar with barrel-vaulted ceilings that gesture towards the bourbon rickhouses that once existed in the area. Jenny Bukovec chose a different aesthetic for the Lost Palm rooftop bar and lounge.

The Lost Palm of Manchester boasts an exquisite Art Deco design with a touch of 1960s nostalgia set against a backdrop of brick. This indoor-outdoor space offers incredible views of downtown Lexington and features sophisticated and artistic interiors. Although connected to the hotel's other areas by elements such as the rickhouse-inspired arched forms – featuring here and in the lobby – Lost Palm has a unique character of its own.


Brick was the only material that could reflect the historic nature of the bourbon distillery district and the Bluegrass region. As the first new building in the district for many years and serving as the gateway, it was imperative to stand out on the skyline as something special.

The Manchester's exceptional design has been a hit with guests and the community, earning the hotel recognition in three categories at the 2023 Gold Key Awards: Lobby Upscale, Guestroom Upscale, and Hotel Upscale.

Owner & Developer: New Circle Investments, founded by hoteliers Hank Morris and Nik Feldman
Architect: EOP Architects
Interior Design: Jenny Bukovec Design & Creative
Construction: Wells & Wells Construction
Mason: Mason Structure
Brick Distributor: Clay Ingels
Photography: Matt Kisiday

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