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Project Showcase: Alamo Plaza Restoration, San Antonio, Tx


The story of the Alamo is world renowned and represents the core of Texas’ identity today. The ongoing effort to restore dignity and reverence to this sacred historic site through the comprehensive Alamo Plan.

Connected with the Alamo Trust’s Interpretive Master Plan, the first phase of the Alamo Plaza restoration project included new pedestrian plaza spaces that flank the Alamo and Gardens. Over 1 acre of Belden Plank Series Pavers were installed in the new streetscape and plaza areas on East Crockett and Bonham Streets.

Photography: Essential Images Photography
Photography: Essential Images Photography

Reed Hilderbrand selected Belden Plank Series Pavers for the Alamo Plaza restoration project because of their timelessness and connection with the existing materials on the historic site of The Alamo and Belden's ability to customize color, finish, and texture to suit the context and climate. In addition, Belden Clay Pavers' high strength and durability were essential in a space that will operate flexibly as a significant historic pedestrian plaza, a roadway, and a parade route during a fiesta.


The long, slender format of the plank pavers set on edge and the herringbone layout evoke the long tradition of the use of brick and stone in San Antonio while forming a contemporary backdrop for a newly framed experience of the Mission San Antonio de Valero and the Alamo Church. The darker bands of pavers that organize the herringbone field are oriented along historic agricultural patterns and reflect the location of the acequia, which once crossed through the garden and southwards across E. Crockett Street, carrying water from the San Antonio rivers to irrigate cultivated lands surrounding the mission.


The Alamo Plaza's ground plane needed to be exceptional to form a robust, resilient threshold to the past. Belden's eagerness to collaborate with the design team in creating a bespoke material palette was critical to the design process. Together, we crafted a unique materiality that paid tribute to the site's history and made a lasting impression on visitors.

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