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About Kingspan Insulation LLC

Kingspan Insulation LLC

2100 Riveredge Parkway
Suite 175
City, state:
Atlanta, GA
Postal code:
30328 show map
United States
+1(800) 241 4402

Kingspan Insulation LLC is a world leading manufacturer in energy efficiency and moisture management products, offering high performance rigid board insulations of multiple technologies, house wraps/flashings and pre–insulated HVAC ductwork. The product range includes high R-value phenolic foam boards, XPS rigid insulation boards and fanfolds as well as vacuum insulated panels insulation with a highly effective R-value of 28 per inch. Kingspan’s products are among the most thermally efficient and technologically advanced insulation materials available.

Kingspan Insulation LLC products are suitable for both new build and renovation in a variety of applications within both residential and non-residential buildings including:

  • Flat roofs
  • Green roofs
  • Cavity walls
  • Precast & tilt-up
  • Wood and steel framing
  • Rainscreen cladding systems
  • Below grade
  • Interior and exterior basement walls
  • Sheathing
  • Floors
  • Soffits
  • Ductwork

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Company Information from Kingspan Insulation LLC

Company Information from Kingspan Insulation LLC
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Our Brands

Premium Performance Rigid Thermoset Insulation
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Energy Efficiency and Moisture Management Products
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Premium Performance Pre–insulated Ductwork
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Optimum Performance Next Generation Insulation
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GreenGuard® PB6HD Roofing Cover Board
For use with mechanically–fastened EPDM, TPO and PVC single–ply roof membranes.
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GreenGuard® PB6W Roofing Cover Board
For use with mechanically–fastened and ballasted EPDM, TPO & PVC single-ply roof membranes.
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Products from Kingspan Insulation LLC

Products from Kingspan Insulation LLC
RFI Preview Product Description Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
Insulation Boards GreenGuard XPS Insulation Board, Kooltherm Rigid Thermoset Phenolic Insulation and OPTIM-R Vacuum Insulation Panels. Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
Insulated Sheathing GreenGuard’s extruded polystyrene (XPS) sheathings give your structures superior moisture resistance and energy efficiency. Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
Siding Underlayment Made of extruded polystyrene (XPS), our fanfolds/underlayments provide a smooth service for reclad as well as superior moisture resistance and are perforated to allow moisture vapor to escape. Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
Roofing Cover Board With GreenGuard PB6 products, you get underlayments that are easy to use and dependable for re-roofing with single-ply membranes. PB6 boards are 3/8” thick extruded polystyrene (XPS), making them lightweight and durable. Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
Drainage Mat DC14 Drainage Mat is an insulation based drainage plane material for drainage and drying behind claddings. Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
Waterproofing Protection Board After the waterproofing membrane is applied to the foundation, protect it from damage during backfilling with PB4 Waterproofing Protection Board. Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
Flashing Blocking water intrusion around windows and doors is a must for preventing wall damage. Properly installed GreenGuard Flashings help deflect water that would otherwise enter the wall. Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
Seam Tape Kingspan GreenGuard Seam Tape adds an extra layer of air and moisture protection to the structure. It is available in 1 7/8" wide and 3" wide sizes. Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
House Wrap Kingspan building wraps provide advanced moisture management with excellent water–resistive barrier properties and drainage. Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL

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(06160) Sheathing
(07200) Thermal Protection
(07210) Building Insulation
(07230) Cold Storage Insulation
(07240) Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)
(15082) Duct Insulation
(15086) Piping Insulation
(06 16 00) Sheathing
(06 16 26) Underlayment
(06 16 53) Moisture-Resistant Sheathing Board
(07 10 00) Dampproofing and Waterproofing
(07 19 00) Water Repellents
(07 20 00) Thermal Protection
(07 21 00) Thermal Insulation
(07 21 13) Board Insulation
(07 21 13.13) Foam Board Insulation
  (07 21 13.16) Fibrous Board Insulation
(07 21 13.19) Mineral Board Insulation
(07 22 00) Roof and Deck Insulation
(07 22 16) Roof Board Insulation
(07 24 00) Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems
(07 40 00) Roofing and Siding Panels
(07 42 00) Wall Panels
(07 46 00) Siding
(07 77 00) Wall Specialties
(07 90 00) Joint Protection
(07 91 00) Preformed Joint Seals
(07 92 00) Joint Sealants
(07 92 13) Elastomeric Joint Sealants
(09 28 00) Backing Boards and Underlayments
(09 81 00) Acoustic Insulation
(10 71 00) Exterior Protection

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