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About PVC Waterstop

PVC Waterstop

PVC Waterstop

Earth Shield® Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Waterstop is used as a fluid-tight diaphragm, embedded in concrete, across and along the joint, for environmental engineered concrete structures. Earth Shield® Flexible PVC Waterstops are resistant to a wide range of water and wastewater treatment chemicals and are certified to meet or exceed the performance requirements of CRD C572-74.

Install Earth Shield® Flexible PVC Waterstop in all concrete joints. Waterstop should be centered in, and run the extent of the joint. All changes of directions should be prefabricated, leaving only butt-welding for the field. If installing in an expansion joint, keep center bulb unembedded to allow it to accommodate movement as designed. Use optional factory installed brass eyelets (or #3 hog rings) and tie wire to secure waterstop to reinforcing steel to avoid displacement during the concrete pour. Splice straight lengths of waterstop and Shop Made Fittings to straight lengths, with an ST-10® In-Line Waterstop Splicer with the iron temperature set to 350°F to 380°F.

More detailed installation instructions are in our Standard 3-part Specifications.

Standard 3-part Specifications are available at our website in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF format, and upon request in printed and a variety of computer word processor formats. Call our Technical Sales Staff for additional help with your specification. 

Brochures | 3-Part CSI specifications | CAD details

Brochures for PVC Waterstop

Brochures for PVC Waterstop
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How to install Waterstop
Ribbed Waterstop Installation Guidelines, Retrofit Waterstop Installation Guides, Expansion Board Cap Waterstop Installation Guide, Base Seal Waterstop Installation Guides, Waterstop Welding Guide, Waterstop Welding Movies, Waterstop Splicing Iron Safety Manual and Users Guide, Waterstop Split Forming, How to Install Type NB190®, How to Install Labyrinth Waterstop, How to Install Split Ribbed Waterstop, Carbon Steel Waterstop Installation Guidelines, ...
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Waterstop Chemcart
Waterstop Chemcart
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Waterstop eBook
Concrete is everywhere: Buildings, fountains, parking decks, locks and dams, roads and bridges, and myriad other constructions. Because of its long lifespan, high workability, and near-worldwide availability, concrete is the preferred building material for large structures, especially those subject to hydraulic pressure. Not all concrete structures require protection from the ingress of water or other fluids, but those that do require a properly installed waterstop in and along their concrete joints. The concrete joint is the most likely point of leakage and waterstops are uniquely designed to prevent this. This book’s sole purpose is to educate the reader on all facets of waterstop.

3-Part CSI specifications for PVC Waterstop

3-Part CSI specifications for PVC Waterstop
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Safety Data Sheets
Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for Earth Shield Waterstop Products
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CAD details for PVC Waterstop

CAD details for PVC Waterstop
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Waterstop CAD
Waterstop CAD (pdf, dwg)
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