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Huntsman Building Solutions

10003 Woodloch Forest Drive
City, state:
The Woodlands, TX
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77380 show map
United States
Brian Troy

Huntsman Building Solutions manufactures industry leading spray polyurethane foam (SPF) and coatings for roof, attic and wall applications. Formed in May 2020 through the combination of the Demilec and Icynene-Lapolla SPF businesses, Huntsman Building Solutions, a business unit of Huntsman Corporation, has a combined heritage of more than 110 years insulating homes and buildings.

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Tradenames: Icynene.

Company Information from Huntsman Building Solutions

Company Information from Huntsman Building Solutions
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Benefits of specifying Huntsman Building Solutions’ products
The industry’s finest building science & engineering support, Setting new industry standards for life/safety and commercial fire testing, Immediate availability of HBS field technicians for jobsite meetings and troubleshooting, World’s largest network of approved applicators, [...]
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Transform a house into a home
Insulate your new home with Huntsman Building Solutions spray foam insulation.
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Products from Huntsman Building Solutions

Products from Huntsman Building Solutions
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Closed-Cell Insulation HBS closed-cell spray foam insulation outperforms traditional insulation by providing an air, water and vapor barrier in a single component. Spray foam insulation adheres to most surfaces and expands to create a seamless, airtight building envelope.... Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications   URL
Open-Cell Insulation HBS Open-cell spray foam delivers a superior air barrier to traditional insulation in walls, floors, attics, etc. Spray Foam insulation will adhere to most construction surfaces and expand to create an airtight building envelope. HBS pioneered the... Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications   URL
Other Foam Solutions HBS spray foam insulation is designed to solve the problems traditional insulation methods cannot. From protecting livestock in agricultural environments; effortlessly lifting sunken concrete; or protecting and stabilizing sites in areas of rockfall,... Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications   URL
Coatings HBS offers you a range of coatings and thermal barriers. These polyurea coatings are all recognized for their durability and versatility in addition to their high impact resistance. They are suitable for multiple applications ranging from concrete... Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications   URL
Roofing Foams HBS Roofing Foams provide a seamless monolithic membrane, watertight seal and additional energy efficiency. Combined, the HBS Coating and Foam System protects, preserves and prolongs the life o commercial and multi-family roofs.  Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications   URL
Roofing Coatings HBS Roofing coatings are commonly used in roofing assemblies that create an economical and effective roofing system for applications over new and existing roofing substrates in order to extend the life of the current roof (weather roof system). ... Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications   URL

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(07050) Basic Thermal and Moisture Protection Materials and Methods
(07200) Thermal Protection
(07 10 00) Dampproofing and Waterproofing
(07 20 00) Thermal Protection
(07 21 00) Thermal Insulation
(07 21 19) Foamed-In-Place Insulation
(07 21 26) Blown Insulation
(07 21 29) Sprayed Insulation
(07 22 00) Roof and Deck Insulation
  (07 25 00) Weather Barriers
(07 26 00) Vapor Retarders
(07 27 00) Air Barriers
(07 56 00) Fluid-Applied Roofing
(07 57 00) Coated Foamed Roofing
(09 90 00) Painting and Coating
(09 97 00) Special Coatings
(10 71 00) Exterior Protection

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