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CertainTeed Petals - Inspired by Nature. Designed for Creativity.


Elevate your interior spaces with CertainTeed Petals, an innovative biophilic design solution that seamlessly blends luxury and sustainability. Crafted from lightweight aluminum, Petals boasts organic curves inspired by the beauty of nature. This versatile system allows you to play with angles, creating sculptural points of interest, or arrange the panels in repeating patterns to define specific areas within a space.

Petals is more than just a design element; it's a commitment to environmental responsibility with up to 85% recycled content, contributing to LEED® v4 certification in various categories, such as Optimize Energy Performance, Building Product Disclosure, Low-Emitting Materials, Indoor Air Quality Assessment, Daylight, and Acoustic Performance.

CertainTeed Petals - Inspired by Nature. Designed for Creativity.

Certified with a Class A fire rating according to ASTM E84 and CAN/ULC-S102, Petals ensures both safety and style. The system also holds GREENGUARD Gold certification, promoting healthier indoor air quality. Choose from an extensive palette of standard and custom colors and finishes, including options like Arctic White, Supernova White, Raven Black, and various wood-look choices such as Grey Barnwood Cedar and Amber Bamboo.

CertainTeed Petals' physical attributes, including its aluminum composition and variable weight, contribute to its Class A fire rating, making it a durable and safe choice for any project. The system is designed to withstand seismic activity in Zones A to F, ensuring stability in diverse environments. With a 1-year limited warranty, you can trust Petals to deliver both aesthetic brilliance and long-lasting performance.

Explore the acoustic test data to understand the sound absorption capabilities of Petals, providing not just visual appeal but also contributing to a comfortable and acoustically balanced environment. Transform your space with Petals – where nature-inspired design meets sustainable sophistication. See Less

Features & Benefits

  • Vast array of shapes and finishes
  • Vertical and Horizontal application
  • Standard and custom perforations available

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