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Case Study: Revitalizing History at Lacoste, TX Church Restoration with Replica Tin Ceiling Tiles


In a small, history-rich town of Lacoste, Texas, there stands an imposing 110-year-old church, a beautiful testament to time and heritage. Yet, as is often the case with heritage buildings, maintaining their original charm and integrity can be a daunting task. This is the story of how 250 replica tin ceiling tiles breathed new life into this antique church, undertook by Webbcon Inc., and made possible with Decorative Ceiling Tiles, Inc.

Case Study: Revitalizing History at Lacoste, TX Church Restoration with Replica Tin Ceiling Tiles


The restoration project was unique due to the church's historical significance and the intricate craftsmanship of the original tin ceiling tiles. The project required a careful observation and understanding of these original designs to maintain the classic aesthetic while guaranteeing its durability for future generations.


Webbcon Inc., a prestigious restorative firm, decided to collaborate with Decorative Ceiling Tiles, Inc. Known for their exceptional craftsmanship in creating bespoke ceiling tiles, they were tasked with producing 250 replica tin tiles using an original piece from the church itself. This single tile acted as the blueprint, enabling the re-creation of the entire ceiling, tile by tile.
THE PROCESS: Efforts were taken to maintain accuracy, with measurements of the original tile painstakingly replicated. The team mirrored the intricate designs, textural elements, and even the distinctive wear, characteristic of a century-old tile. Each of these replicas was then lovingly installed in the church, carefully replacing the original ceiling and completely revitalizing its aesthetic.


The result is a perfect blend of history and modern craftsmanship. The 250 replica tin ceiling tiles have flawlessly captured the essence of the church's original design, marrying the past and present seamlessly.

Visitors today can appreciate the ceiling in all its glory, an ode to the classic tin tile designs, proving the prowess of Decorative Ceiling Tiles, Inc. in undertaking and executing such a unique project.

Throughout the restoration, Webbcon Inc. kept the community’s sentimental tie with the church intact, restoring not only a building but a treasured part of Lacoste’s heritage.

In the world where preserving precious glimpses of our past in a rapidly modernizing era is essential, projects such as this church restoration serve as prime examples of valuing history and using innovation to keep it alive.

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