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Bullet-Resistant Reception Windows Are the Front Line of Defense


Set-in-place, bullet-resistant transaction windows are the most common ballistic barrier in North America. These flexible solutions convert any reception area, checkpoint, or transaction area into a secure point of sale.

Bullet-Resistant Reception Windows Are the Front Line of Defense

Whether you’re a builder looking for an effective solution, an architect who needs aesthetically pleasing materials, or a safety manager looking to harden physical security, you’ve come to the right place.

For decades, Total Security Solutions has produced a range of high-end security transaction windows. We support builders and architects at every step of the process, creating custom solutions that offer industry-leading protection and unparalleled aesthetics.


TSS bullet-resistant transaction windows are designed with safety and aesthetics in mind. Communication between the secure and threat side is clear and natural. The clear glazing and elegant frame lines provide an undisrupted experience. Above all, the industry-leading ballistic materials keep your people and your assets safe.

No matter what your situation is, TSS can fabricate a suitable bulletproof service window for your unique space.

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