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Boon Edam Reaches a Major Milestone


Boon Edam Inc., world-leading manufacturer of secured entry solutions, is proud to announce their 50,000th product installation in the United States. This exceptional achievement is testimony to the company’s dedication to engineering and installing the industry’s best entry security solutions for a wide range of applications.

Boon Edam Reaches a Major Milestone

"It is without question the expertise, excellence and experience of all our teams that has made it possible for us to reach 50,000 installations,” said Patrick Nora, President and Managing Director, Boon Edam Inc. “Not only are we exceptionally proud of this accomplishment, but also it serves to demonstrate our commitment to present and future innovation in service of our customers.”

From 1988, the year that Boon Edam was launched in the United States, the company has continued to grow its US footprint within the security entrance landscape. Significant landmarks during those years have included the construction of a 200,000+ square foot factory, and the introduction of a new headquarters and technology center in 2022.

With a diverse portfolio of products including security revolving doors, interlocking mantrap portals, and access gates, Boon Edam delivers excellence that anticipates the evolving security needs of its customers.

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