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Benefits of the 'Brilliance' Line of LED Lighted Mirrors


Bathroom vanity mirrors can be frustrating. When you combine bad lighting above your sink, constantly fogged up surfaces and ugly dark brown and black stains around the edges – mirrors are often detract from the looks and function of your bathroom. In this page learn how advanced designed LED lighted bathroom vanity mirrors with defoggers can help you have a better-lit, fully functioning bathroom (no matter how big or small the space).

Warm white lighting makes it easier to do your make up and shave – Lights above a bathroom vanity mirror can simply create a ‘shadowing’ effect which make it near impossible to do a good job putting on makeup or shaving. With LED lighting inside (or around the edges) of a bathroom vanity mirror you’ll be able to shave safely and do a good job putting makeup on.

Benefits of the 'Brilliance' Line of LED Lighted Mirrors

Long lasting and energy efficient light source is safer for your family – Climbing up on top of your bathroom vanity (or putting up a ladder) to replace lightbulbs today is an accident waiting to happen. Since the “Brilliance” line of LED lighted mirrors has 30,000 hours of life, you won’t have to worry about a loved one falling off a ladder to replace bulbs ever again. In addition, you can put the mirror on a dimmer for a mood lighting in the evening.

Contemporary look – With a clean slightly rounded ‘pencil’ edge to these mirrors you’ll enjoy a contemporary look and have safe edges.


Get rid of your fogged-up mirror – Your mirror does you no good when it’s fogged up. With single or double defogger pads which are applied on the back of your mirror you won’t need to leave your doors or windows open while ‘attempting’ to keep you mirror from fogging up.

No need to worry about the nasty brown or black erosion marks around the side of your mirror – When oxidation occurs in the copper used in old generation mirrors you’ll start to see ugly brown or black staining around the edges. With the “Brilliance” line of bathroom and full-length bedroom mirrors you won’t have this concern because no copper is used in the manufacturing process.


Benefits of the “Interact” Line of Mirrored Medicine Cabinets

If you have a small bathroom, or just want to use your vertical wall space effectively, a medicine cabinet is a smart option. Whether you choose a one door, two door or three door option these thoughtfully designed medicine cabinets will help you to reduce visual clutter, keep medications outside the reach of small children and do ‘double-duty’ as a mirror and storage space.

Reduce clutter on your vanity countertop – Counters can be a complete mess with toothbrushes, toothpaste and perfume and cologne bottles. Get rid of the mess with a handy place behind closed doors – a medicine cabinet.


Get ‘double duty’ out of your wall space – A mirrored medicine cabinet not only serves to help you get ready, but also doubles as a place to get you increased storage.

Contemporary look – With a clean frameless design these cabinets will add style to a modern, Mid-Century Modern, Modern Farmhouse or Contemporary design aesthetic.


Use the vertical wall space to your advantage – If you’ve got a small bathroom your wall space is a HUGE opportunity. With a mirrored medicine cabinet you can either get more storage by hanging the unit on the wall, or recessing the cabinet inside the wall cavity. Either way you get more storage.

Multi-door designs for larger walls or above longer vanities – It’s nice to have a sense of symmetry in your bathroom – while also having efficient storage. With double or triple door medicine cabinets you can get a medicine cabinet as wide as 60”.

Get free design help from our bathroom and shower experts - Since Innovate Building Solutions not only wholesales mirrored medicine cabinets, but also complete shower and bathroom systems nationwide you’ll know you can get help with most any aspect of your bathroom remodeling project.

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