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Ambico Oversized Steel Doors and Frames


AMBICO Oversized Steel Doors and Frames are expertly crafted doors intended to fit large openings. These doors are crafted to be larger than standard sizes often applicable in industrial settings. Testing facilities, manufacturing plants, storage warehouses, and military bases often require larger openings than others to accommodate large materials, products, equipment, and vehicles. Each Oversized Steel Door and Frame are designed with their size, Installation method, and functionality in mind.

Ambico Oversized Steel Doors and Frames

The steel doors and frames are designed and manufactured to suit sliding and swing openings of almost any dimension. AMBICO has fabricated doors in sizes up to 30 feet in height and in weights exceeding 5 tons per door leaf. Experience the functionality and durability of AMBICO steel doors at any scale.

Product Details:

  • Structural steel door cores are assembled to provide zero tolerance for racking or twisting of any type. Heavy gauge door faces are plug-welded right through the steel plate to guarantee complete adherence to the door core.
  • Hardware Oversized steel doors are provided with door hardware to guarantee an easy-to-operate door system. Steel doors are usually manufactured to a nominal two-inch thickness. Doors of greater thickness can be fabricated to meet particular job requirements.
  • Fire-rated oversized openings are available for up to 90 minutes in pairs sized up to 10′-0 x 12′-0. Our Fire-rated products have undergone testing in accordance with NFPA-80 and UL-10C Standards and certified by Underwriters Laboratories and Warnock Hersey International. This certification guarantees that our products meet the highest fire safety standards.
  • AMBICO Oversized Steel Doors can be custom-manufactured in combination with Acoustic, Blast Resistant, or Bullet-Resistant performance ratings.

Use Cases and Applications

As each AMBICO Oversized Door is custom manufactured for individual project requirements, they can be custom designed for any industry application. Listed below are a few of its applications:
  • Industrial Facilities: Oversized Steel Doors are commonly used in manufacturing plants, warehouses, storage facilities, and distribution centers to facilitate efficient loading and unloading of materials, goods, heavy machinery, and oversized items. AMBICO Oversized Doors are specifically designed for industrial settings, providing seamless operation, secure access, and robust durability to withstand rigorous usage.
  • Event Venues & Entertainment Industry: These doors are ideal solutions for stadiums, arenas, film studios, concert halls, and theaters, providing easy access to large crowds, stage sets, equipment, and props.
  • Aircraft Hangars: With their exceptional size and strength, Oversized Steel Doors are perfect for aircraft hangars, providing easy access for aircraft and ground support equipment.
  • Military Applications: AMBICO Oversized Steel Doors are well-suited for military bases, providing access to large vehicles, equipment, and personnel. They offer enhanced security and durability, ensuring reliable protection in military spaces.
  • Testing Facilities: AMBICO Oversized Doors are commonly utilized in testing facilities to accommodate large-scale testing equipment, machinery, and materials. These doors provide easy access and are designed to withstand the rigorous demands of testing environments.
Choose AMBICO Oversized Steel Doors and Frames to experience uncompromised durability, security, and functionality. Contact us today to speak with AMBICO experts for specified requirements or combination doors.

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