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About Universal Concrete Products Corp.


Universal Concrete Products Corp.

400 Old Reading Pike
Suite 100
City, state:
Stowe, PA
Postal code:
19464 show map
United States
(610) 323-0700
(610) 323-4046

Concrete production. Selecting the proper color and texture for a precast concrete exterior is critical to achieving aesthetic success. At Universal, we understand that precast concrete allows for innovation and creativity that cannot be accomplished with other materials. A large variety of colors and aggregates are available. Our project resume' includes jobs that combine significant size and complexity. Our expertise can be applied to smaller applications, panels of standard dimensions and to miscellaneous structural products of up to 70 feet and 50 tons.

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(03450) Plant-Precast Architectural Concrete
(03460) Site-Precast Architectural Concrete
(04720) Cast Stone
(03 06 40.13) Precast Concrete Panel Schedule
  (03 45 00) Precast Architectural Concrete
(03 45 13) Faced Architectural Precast Concrete
(03 48 33) Precast Pre-Framed Concrete Panels

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