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StonePly Cladding at KV-5 Switchgear and Vault


StonePly Cladding at KV-5 Switchgear and Vault


A high profile medical school and hospital was in need of a limestone door that would match their existing façade and would be large and light enough to move oversized machinery in and out of their building. They sought out a company that could:
  • Create a very large yet lightweight door
  • Create a door that perfectly matches the existing building
  • Create a limestone door that is both functional and attractive
Their search went no further than StonePly. StonePly was contracted to fabricate a limestone door that would flawlessly match the existing walls around it so that it would blend and be
inconspicuous. The doorway was cut at a huge 10’ x 9’ to allow for large machinery to be moved in and out of the building. Though the doors were large they had to be light weight so that they could be easily opened and closed. With normal limestone this task would be almost impossible but StonePly was able to create the perfect solution.


StonePly provides natural stone cladding with an aluminum honeycomb backing that allows it to be super light weight and very easy to work with. The product has the appearance of solid natural stone but is much easier to move, install and use than compacted slabs. For this project StonePly created two light weight limestone doors on aluminum honeycomb backing.
Once installed the doors blend perfectly with the surrounding wall and look beautiful without standing out from the rest of the building.

The light weight of these swinging doors made installation quick and simple. The doors each weigh less than 150 pounds so they easily swing open and closed to allow large machinery to be moved in and out of the building. The door locks from the inside and provides security as well as function and beauty.


At StonePly, we get our stone from queries all over the world and can match any previously installed cladding. We can even get new stone from the same query that the original stone came from to ensure that there is a perfect match. There was no need to worry about the stone corresponding because samples were made specifically for this project. The samples were compared to the existing cladding until StonePly came up with a flawless match.


The StonePly door is highly functional while still being attractive. The door provides security and room to move large objects in and out of the building. The size of the door would have been impossible to achieve, while still allowing the door to function, had it not been for the aluminum honeycomb backing.

The natural texture of the Alamo Platinum limestone used for the KV-5 Switchgear and Vault doors is very attractive. The existing building was already clad in this gorgeous stone and the doors just add additional beauty. There is no distraction from the building’s façade because the StonePly limestone door perfectly blends with the surrounding stone.

Owner: UTHSC - Houston
Contractor: Vaughn Construction

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