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Stone Panels for Educational Applications


StoneLite® is a natural stone composite panel comprised of a thin stone veneer and an aluminum honeycomb backing bonded between impervious, high-strength, fiber-reinforced skin. Our StoneLite® panels may be produced from almost any natural stone; including limestone, granite, sandstone, and slate. Our natural stone panels are the perfect choice for exterior, interior, and renovation applications.

Stone Panels for Educational Applications


StoneLite® natural stone composite panels weigh about 4 lbs per sq. ft. which makes them ideal for cornices and other architectural features. The cornices are prefabricated at our manufacturing facility and shipped to the project site ready to install.

South Plaquemines High School was destroyed when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. SPI was contracted to fabricate more than 30,000 square ft. of complicated Indiana Limestone cornice panels. The panels were fabricated at our manufacturing facility and shipped ready to install at the new high school.

During the construction phase during the late summer of 2012, Hurricane Isaac hit the high school.There was ZERO damage to the installed StoneLite® fabricated exterior Indiana limestone cornices.

StoneLite® panels have long held the Miami Dade NOA certification.


StoneLite® panels have been installed in new construction and renovation applications using the open joint/rainscreen application. Some projects require panel edges to be quirk mitered to provide the impression of dimensional stone.

Drexel University Integrated Science building, University of Arkansas Vol Walker School of Architecture, and Orange Coast College Planetarium used StoneLite® exterior panels in flat and segmented curved applications.

The majority of all SPI projects in Europe and Canada are rainscreen. Click here for more information on StoneLite® rainscreen application.


StoneLite® panels can be manufactured to a fixed curve. The degree of a fixed curve varies with the stone type as not all natural stone is conducive to being curved. SPI is able to manufacture concave and convex curves.

Quinnipiac University Health Professions Center and Kimbrough Hall of the University of Washington both feature curved stone applications using StoneLite® panels. Kimbrough Hall has an 18’ curved limestone and Quinnipiac University boasts a 40′ curved flamed granite radius.


Signature Appeal

The University of British Columbia Earth Science Building created a unique exterior on the Ross Beaty Lecture Hall using twenty one unique slabs on StoneLite® panels. The book matched slab panels are not only decorative but are used as an outdoor laboratory for student studies.


University of Southern California Davis selected StoneLite® limestone panels for the exterior of the Rady School of Management and Otterson Hall projects. The panels were manufactured with a raked finish and installed on the cantilevered balconies along with the exterior facade.

Knife Edge Corners

SPI has the ability to manufacture corners with various conditions including knife edge. Gallup University Riverfront Campus features a knife edge corner finish on the exterior feature wall.


StoneLite® panels have been incorporated into segmented curved designs at Cleveland State University and Orange Coast College Planetarium. The flat panels are installed with an engineered interlocking channel system.


StoneLite® panels are able to be installed in a curtain wall application. Spandrels for the University of Wisconsin School of Health were glazed into the curtain wall and support stiffeners were attached to the back of the panel. Colorado State University Engineering Building II features glazed in StoneLite® panels into a curtain wall system.


StoneLite® panels were used for several of the dormitories at Penn State University. The residential halls were in need of a face lift and StoneLite® Indiana Standard Buff limestone panels provided the answer.

University of Missouri Kansas City selected StoneLite® Indiana Standard Buff limestone panels for the Miller Nichols Learning Center expansion.


StoneLite® panels have been selected for numerous new construction education projects from elementary schools to universities. The durability of our panels can hold up under the most difficult of conditions and retain their natural beauty.

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