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We provide accurate and highly detailed Manual J and Manual D calculations and Duct designs for the Homeowner, Builder, Hvac Professional, Architect, and the handy Do-It-Yourselfer. Get the quality comfort
system you are paying for!

An HVAC Design (Manual J) is the first stepping stone of a good comfort system, whether you are installing air conditioning, forced air heating, a radiant heating system, or considering a geothermal system.

Any hvac contractor worth his salt knows this, and will perform an hvac design load calculation to determine your home's actual hvac comfort system requirements, before he tries to sell you a system.

For too many years, hvac contractors have not been required to perform the proper load calculations before getting a permit from local authorities. Very few building authorities across our country have required any sort of design or sizing justification before a permit was issued.

Consequently, the hvac trade has been inundated with "contractors" whose only qualifications seem to be that they could afford the license fees, a white van, and advertising space!

The results have been thousands of bad installations, oversized and undersized systems, costing the homeowner dearly on his utility bills. The homeowner has also suffered high frustration levels because his systems don't perform well, and are constantly needing service.

Well, the times they are a changin'.

Recently, I attended a training session in Salt Lake City, Utah, where a room full of building inspectors were there learning about the new hvac design requirements being implemented.

Most municipalities surrounding SLC are also falling in line and beginning to require a Manual J calculation, a Manual D calculation, a duct layout (schematic), and a gas line design, before a permit will be issued.

California and Florida have long required the proper design calculations be performed due to more stringent building codes. I am hearing daily of other areas, in other states, finally seeing the value in proper hvac design.

The days of "Rule of Thumb" design are finally coming to an end! Hallelujah!

Now we just need to start weeding out the good contractors that care from those that have no business being in the HVAC business!

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