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The SymmeTry® system is a batten seamed roof system tested to withstand the toughest environments. The identical "T" shaped joints allows easy panel install and replacement, allowance for thermal movement, and significant wind uplift resistance.

Four seam height options are available (1.5", 2", 2.5", 3"). Option to add panel stiffening ribs, or striations. Onsite roll-forming is available.

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Brochures for SymmeTry

Brochures for SymmeTry
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Colors and Finishes
Whether it is a standard color, custom color match, or special finish, we will work to make your toughest color projects simple and seamless.
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Morin Perforated Panels
Design with our 7 standard perforation patterns or use custom patterns for screenwalls, sunshades, and many more applications.
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Miterseam Corners
Our miterseam corners are structurally bonded and fabricated from the same materials as adjacent panels, ensuring a seamless color match. We can supply corners at various angles and lengths to suit a multitude of design details.
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Curving and Tapering
Curved panels can create an undulating or rippling effect which adds texture and dimension to your project. Tapering is another way to add dimension to a project and can be done with several roof profiles.
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Upgrade a Fa├žade with Trimless Ends
By folding the ends of the panel, we can create a highly architectural look without breaking your budget.
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Natural Metals
The long-life cycles and recyclability of natural metals make them the premier sustainable choice. Natural metal options provide unique advantages which have been utilized in architecture for centuries.
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Aluminum Extrusions
Upgrade any project with aluminum extrusions. Extrusions made from aluminum are corrosion resistant and offer the advantage of being lightweight, but generally thicker and stronger than standard trim.
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Cosmetic Profile Matching Louver Blades
Conceal a louver system with Morin cosmetic louver blades that mimic the shape of any panel profile.
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Education & Training
Continue your professional development with two AIA accredited courses offered by Morin. They are both available as virtual courses online and we also offer in-person training sessions. Select a course to get started on your educational journey.
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Environment Product Declarations - Transparency for credibility
An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a comprehensive, internationally recognized report, that objectively declares the impact our products have on the environment throughout their life cycle.
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Morin is Here to Support
Morin can provide support for every project from start to finish. We are there to help you through every phase of building, from the design phase to technical details. Let us know how we can help.
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Find a Sales Rep
Our representatives are trained to inform you about our product capabilities and work with you to select the best system for your project. Talk to a knowledgeable rep near you today.
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3-Part CSI specifications for SymmeTry

3-Part CSI specifications for SymmeTry
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Morin can provide support for every project from start to finish. We are there to help you through every phase of building, from the design phase to technical details. Let us know how we can help.
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CAD details for SymmeTry

CAD details for SymmeTry
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3D Details
Morin offers interactive 3D Details to help make understanding assemblies easier. Every detail can be extracted apart to illustrate details and assembly sequences. This is a great tool for training and understanding a wide range of assemblies.
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