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METROBRICK® Adds New Texture To Thin Brick Offering

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Aug 12, 2012

METROBRICK®, a product line of Ironrock located in Canton, Ohio, is introducing a new surface texture - wire cut - to its line of thin brick. The wire cut texture is designed to create a surface with slight gouges and pulls in the face of the brick. The small ridges and crevices add character and create symmetry from brick to brick.
The addition of wire cut to the METROBRICK® product line adds a coarse brick look that is most associated with the surface texture of traditional facing brick. This addition to the METROBRICK® product line will give architects even more options – for matching existing construction for example - when specifying METROBRICK®. The four texture options available in the METROBRICK® product line are smooth, velour, wire cut, and iron spot.

METROBRICK® is designed to fit properly in all precast and tilt-up liners and work well with field applied panel systems. The superior technical aspects of the product are well established. The addition of a wire cut texture broadens the aesthetics of the product line and should create more opportunities for METROBRICK® in today’s market.
METROBRICK’s parent company Ironrock has a long history of manufacturing brick and tile products dating back to 1866. Ironrock is a family owned fifth generation company located in Canton, Ohio.

After many years as a successful quarry tile manufacturer, Ironrock expanded its product line and began focusing on thin brick production over ten years ago. Ironrock incorporates the same tight quality standards that are used in manufacturing tile in producing thin brick.

For more information on METROBRICK’s new wire cut texture, or METROBRICK® in general, visit the METROBRICK® web site @

About METROBRICK® Thin Brick by Ironrock

METROBRICK® Thin Brick is used in precast, tilt-up, field applied and direct applied brick veneer applications. METROBRICK® is a true kiln fired thin brick made to stringent guidelines making it suitable for a variety of building construction types. METROBRICK® is 5/8” thick and is available in a wide range of color options, finishes and sizes. Custom blending of colors is also available. A selection of colors is available as an inventoried product for immediate shipment.

METROBRICK® Thin Brick meets and exceeds all Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute Standards for Thin Brick. By meeting the standards set forth by the PCI, METROBRICK® is shown to be manufactured to a standard vital to the success of thin brick cast in concrete.

METROBRICK® is manufactured by Ironrock, centrally located in Canton, Ohio USA. Ironrock’s history of manufacturing exceptional ceramic tile and brick products dates back to 1866. Ironrock is a member of the United States Green Building Council. To learn more visit the METROBRICK® web site @

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