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Maxxon Acousti-Mat Sound Control Systems

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We have all experienced the pitfalls of an inferior sound control system. Whether in a commercial, multifamily, or single family application, sound control is important to the end user. Don’t let your project be one of the casualties of poor sound control.

With Acousti-Mat®, design possibilities include the full spectrum of floor good options such as marble, ceramic tile or hardwood, without sacrificing sound control. Acousti-Mat can be installed in hard surface areas only, or throughout the entire floor plan to ensure peace and quiet rom impact and airborne noises. Backed by over 1,000 third party acoustical tests, Acousti-Mat is the proven sound control solution in all types of construction.

Designed for today’s fast-track project schedules, Acousti-Mat installation is fast and easy. After laying Acousti-Mat over the subfloor, Maxxon dealers pour a high-strength Maxxon Underlayment over it. Acousti-Mat 1/8, Acousti-Mat 1/4, Acousti-Mat 1/4 Premium, Acousti-Mat 3/8, Acousti-Mat 3/8 Premium, Acousti-Mat 3/4 and Acousti-Mat 3/4 Premium have a core of fused entangled filaments attached to a non-woven fabric that creates a void and actually isolates sound waves between the subfloor and the high-strength Maxxon Underlayment.

When installed together, the Acousti-Mat and Maxxon Underlayments form a warrantied engineered system, offering peace of mind in your sound system.

Not only does Acousti-Mat help reduce noise pollution, it also promotes indoor air quality. The Acousti-Mat/Maxxon Underlayment system is the only sound control mat/underlayment system that is GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Gold Certified.

The entangled mesh Acousti-Mat sound control mats may also help contribute toward points for LEED® project certification. For information regarding Acousti-Mat’s contribution to LEED, contact your Regional Representative at (800) 356-7887 or visit

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