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Higuchi, Inc.

1501 Summit Ave. Suite 2
Suite 1124
City, state:
Plano, TX
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United States

By establishing a comprehensive production system, from glass to lamps, at its headquaryers, Sankyo Denki ensures products of high quality and performance. At its glass plant, an automatic glass production facility manufactures various types of UV-ray transmitting glass using an environmentally-friendly melting method. The lamp plant employs cutting-edge productlon facllities to manufacture UV germicidal lamps, black light fluorescent lamps and other general UV lamps, as well as special lamps.

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(16550) Special-Purpose Lighting
(26 55 23) Outline Lighting
(26 55 29) Underwater Lighting
(26 55 53) Security Lighting
  (26 55 59) Display Lighting
(26 55 61) Theatrical Lighting
(26 55 63) Detention Lighting
(26 55 70) Healthcare Lighting

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