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H-Series Architectural Pavers from Wausau Tile


As the industry’s premier manufacturer of architectural concrete pavers, Chose from our standard color palette or work with our project team to create a unique color for your project. With innovative technologies, our self-spacing lugs help us cut installation time and costs.

Our Lok-Down Wind Uplift Resistance System keeps rooftop decks safe from hurricane-condition wind speeds while our Terra-Grid can be used with any size paver to increase your design space. All of Wausau Tile’s pavers are subject to rigorous testing, manufactured to meet the industry’s tightest performance tolerances.

H-Series Architectural Pavers from Wausau Tile

Let our efficiencies create more benefits for you by providing quick lead times, industry leading strength of 9,500 psi, and competitive value for top quality product. Wausau Tile's H-Series pavers include 73 different molds and various colors and looks to choose from.

With thickness' ranging from 1 5/8 to 4", depending on your paver choice, H-Series is a perfect choice for any of your paving needs.

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