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About H.C. Muddox Co.


H.C. Muddox Co.

4875 Bradshaw Rd.
City, state:
Sacramento, CA
Postal code:
95827-9727 show map
United States
(800) 776-1244
(916) 859-6320

H.C. Muddox - Our unique firing process products exceptional colors and tones, providing a timeless, versatile look throughout our diverse product line. The sustainable, high-quality clay deposits that define H.C. Muddox will continue to provide raw materials for years to come. Combining the colors and consistencies of the clays and firing to different temperatures brings out the variety of warm earthen tones that are the company’s trademark.

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(04210) Clay Masonry Unit
(04550) Flue Liner
(04580) Refractory Brick
(04810) Unit Masonry Assemblies
(04 21 13) Brick Masonry
(04 21 16) Ceramic Glazed Clay Masonry
  (04 21 19) Clay Tile Masonry
(04 21 23) Structural Clay Tile Masonry
(04 21 29) Terra Cotta Masonry
(04 51 00) Flue Liner Masonry
(04 54 00) Refractory Brick Masonry

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