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Graffiti & Anti-Graffiti - A Powder Coating Solution

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Some graffiti paintings cannot be denied a certain degree of artistic quality. However, most of them look different. Tasteless scribbles and slogans on the walls of buildings and railroad wagons are becoming an increasingly common feature of the modern cityscape. The cost to clean or reconstruct vandalized surfaces year after year is exorbitant and the act of repeated cleanings of popular graffiti targets can result in considerable long-term damage.

The chemical composition of graffiti paints allows the substance to penetrate deep into the underlying layers of paint, which makes cleaning all the more difficult. Special cleaning agents sold as graffiti removers may provide a solution, but their compatibility with the vandalized substrate is often insufficiently tested. In the worst case, this leads to further damage or even permanent damage.

The Solution to Graffiti: Anti-Graffiti Powder Coatings

The solution to preventing graffiti is not cleaning up the vandalized space after the fact, but, instead, deploying and harnessing preventative technologies to allow surfaces and spaces to not be vandalized. Incidentally, these anti-graffiti technologies are found in powder coating. Coating a surface with anti-graffiti powder coating, gives the surface special anti-graffiti properties.

After a single application of the anti-graffiti powder coating to a surface, it will prevent paint-based vandalism by allowing the graffiti to be easily and quickly removed with cleaning agents for continuous cleaning cycles, without compromising the color and gloss level of the surface. Indeed, anti-graffiti powder coating is the solution to preventing graffiti and paint-based vandalism.

Anti-Graffiti Powder Coatings from TIGER Drylac: TIGER Drylac® Series 44

TIGER Drylac has developed a special polyurethane coating specifically to have anti-graffiti properties. This anti-graffiti product series is part of our Series 44. and is perfectly suited for coating metal substrates such as aluminum, galvanized steel, and black steel.

More on TIGER Drylac’s Series 44

TIGER Drylac’s Anti-Graffiti Series 44 is characterized by the following properties:

  • High weather and corrosion resistance
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Beautiful flow
  • Finishes in smooth/glossy 80-95
  • Also available in metallic

The coated components can be found mainly on the following objects:

  • Rail vehicles
  • Public transportation stations
  • ATM & vending machines.
  • Kiosks (fast food ordering kiosks, airport & theater kiosks, etc.)
  • paneling elements
  • seat frames
  • Noise barriers
  • Interior metal surfaces

TIGER Drylac® Series 44 Anti-Graffiti powder coating was tested by the Dr. Kupfer laboratory in Berlin. The methods used were similar to the stress test developed by the “Gütegemeinschaft Anti-Graffiti e.V. association,” Berlin.

Excellent results were obtained with TIGER Drylac® Series 44 Anti-Graffiti, even after numerous cleaning cycles. It was demonstrated that this product is suitable for permanent graffiti prevention under actual conditions.


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