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Broan's Latest Balanced Ventilation System, the ERVS100, Offers Leading Ventilation Solution for Homes in the Southern United States

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Broan, a Nortek Company (Nasdaq: NTK), introduces the revolutionary new fresh air solution for southern regions. One of the greatest trends in home building today is the move to energy-efficient home design. Homeowners seek out energy-efficient construction solutions and state-of-the-art appliances that help them achieve homes that are more comfortable, durable, and less expensive to maintain. However, as homes become more energy efficient and increasingly air tight, proper ventilation is negatively impacted.

In the southern United States specifically, additional challenges exist. In extremely hot and humid regions, increased air tightness and requirements for mandatory mechanical ventilation in homes can lead to excess moisture, increasing the likelihood of homeowner discomfort, adverse health effects like asthma, allergies and other respiratory complaints, and building degradation. For today's tightly-constructed, energy-efficient homes, the Broan ERVS100 with exclusive Venmar® core technology is an effective, balanced ventilation solution that provides continuous fresh air to the home, manages excess moisture, and improves overall home comfort.

The ERVS100 is specifically designed to combat indoor humidity that is prevalent in southern regions. In hot and humid regions, the Venmar core technology limits hot air and excess humidity from entering the home, while preventing cool air from leaving the home. In hot and dry climates, the ERVS100 restricts hot air from entering the home but limits humidity from leaving the home, creating a more comfortable living environment and improved indoor air quality in both climates.

"To combat poor ventilation, it is recommended that homes have a fresh air system with energy recovery capability to maintain a healthy indoor environment. We recognized an even greater need for these ventilation solutions in areas of the southern United States where hot climates increase the potential for homeowners discomfort and damage caused by excess moisture," said Mathieu Lebel Marketing Manager, Balanced Ventilation, for Broan. "The ERVS100's innovative features reduce the likelihood of those risks and provide increased comfort to homeowners overall."

The ERVS100's advanced energy recovery Venmar core technology reduces excess moisture by up to 51 percent*. The system's built-in humidity sensor measures outside humidity levels and temperatures every 10 minutes, restricting ventilation during times of excessive humidity. This decreases the chance of mold growth and provides homeowners with an energy savings of up to $180 annually**.

The system is not only affordable but also easy to install and maintain due its smaller footprint and unique bracket system installation. The unit can be installed between 22"-to-25" trusses or in the attic over trusses. An access door is all that is visible, used only for product maintenance and service.

The ERVS100 offers a maximum airflow of 105 CFM which meets the ventilation requirements of a large portion of new home constructions. Moreover, when ducted to a bathroom, the ERVS100 can replace the need for an additional exhaust fan in the home and therefore reduces the cost to the builder by up to $125.

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