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BROAN and NuTone ULTRA PRO™ Ventilation Fans Cut Retrofit Installation Time in Half

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  May 14, 2014

Broan-NuTone®, the leading ventilation manufacturer for residential ventilation products, introduces the ULTRA PRO™ Ventilation Fan, adding to its already extensive collection of high-quality bathroom ventilation fans. It includes a variety of models with premium features and performance, all of which include fast and easy installation.

“ULTRA PRO was designed with faster and easier installation in mind,” says Patrick Nielsen, marketing manager, ventilation fans, Broan-NuTone. “The fan not only helps contractors to save time and money, but also allows them to provide long-lasting benefits to end-users with advantages such as ULTRA PRO’s quiet operation, and bright, efficient lighting and ENERGY STAR® qualification.”

Major benefits of the ULTRA PRO Ventilation Fan and Fan/Light include:

ULTRA Quick™ Installation Technology:
The ULTRA PRO Fan can be installed in minutes with no attic access, most notably because of its unique telescoping mounting frame, which can collapse together to fit through drywall openings and then expand once above the ceiling.

  • Ability to work in any type of joist or truss system
  • Includes easy-to-insert snap-in housings (no screws required) and a snap-in blower
  • Installs up to 60 percent faster in retrofits and up to 20 percent faster in new construction

Advanced Sound Technology:
The ULTRA PRO Fan is recognized for its exceptionally quiet operation at less than 0.3 sones. This is accomplished through innovative new, patent-pending sound technologies.

  • QStream™ Technology
    State-of-the-art blower design with airflow-smoothing baffles reduces turbulence so the wheel can turn more slowly and quietly with no airflow loss
  • QFlow™ Technology
    - Duct connector damper flap is completely removed from airstream to reduce static pressure again, allowing the blower to turn more slowly and quietly
    - Damper also seals against perimeter surfaces when closed to prevent backdrafts

ULTRA Lucent™ Lighting Technology:
This ENERGY STARqualified technology allows for better illumination in rooms and uses less energy.

  • Uses just 36 watts to deliver the same lumen brightness as previous models that require 60 watts of compact fluorescent light (CFL) output
  • The outstanding lens diffusion means no hotspots

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