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About Bird-B-Gone, Inc.

Bird-B-Gone, Inc.

15375 Barranca Pkwy # D
City, state:
Irvine, CA
Postal code:
92618 show map
United States

Bird-B-Gone, Inc. is the world's largest manufacturer of professional bird control products. We offer an extensive line of bird deterrents to help solve bird problems in commercial, industrial and residential settings. Bird-B-Gone products are made in the USA and carry industry leading guarantees. Our team of bird control experts can help you choose the right product and give installation advice for your specific situation. We also work with a network of trained "Authorized Installers" that can install products for you.

At Bird-B-Gone our people, products, expertise and training make the difference. Our goal is not to simply sell products, but to help solve bird problems effectively, humanely and economically. We pride ourselves on our commitment to training and customer service and give our customers real answers when it comes to effectively solving pest bird problems.

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Company Information from Bird-B-Gone, Inc.

Company Information from Bird-B-Gone, Inc.
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Bird Control Product Catalog
Download PDF versions of our bird control product literature.
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An Overview of Pest Bird Deterrent Systems
Free Online Continuing Education Course; 1 hour program. Provides an overview of bird deterrent products, along with a discussion of the characteristics of common pest birds, bird problem assessment, and the issues and concerns associated with the roosting and nesting of pest birds. Complete this class for both AIA and state credit as well as qualifying for HSW credit.
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Products from Bird-B-Gone, Inc.

Products from Bird-B-Gone, Inc.
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Bird Spikes Bird-B-Gone’s bird spikes keep larger pest birds like pigeons and gulls from landing and roosting on flat or curved surfaces. Our bird spikes come in two foot sections for easy installation, and are sold 50 feet per box. They are available in a... Brochures     URL
Bird Netting Bird Netting is used as a physical bird barrier to prevent birds from landing, roosting or nesting in unwanted areas. Bird Net 2000™ is the most efficient and effective method for 100% bird exclusion and is the #1 bird net specified by... Brochures     URL
Electric Track Bird-B-Gone electric track bird deterrent systems are low profile bird deterrents used to prevent birds from landing or nesting in unwanted areas. The unique electrically charged tracks give birds a mild electrical shock when they land on the tracks... Brochures     URL
Bird Deterrents Bird deterrents are physical bird control products used to keep pest birds from landing, roosting or nesting in concentrated areas. Bird-B-Gone has the widest variety of effective, humane bird deterrents. Brochures     URL
Bird Wire The Bird Wire System from Bird-B-Gone is a low profile bird deterrent used to keep large birds off ledges, parapet walls, rooflines, handrails and more. Bird Wire consists of a nylon-coated stainless steel wire that is suspended between a series of... Brochures     URL
Sound Deterrents Bird-B-Gone's sound deterrents frighten birds from large open spaces by playing recorded predator and distress calls of actual birds. When birds hear these sounds, their natural instinct is to flee the area. Birds hear on the same level as humans,... Brochures     URL
Cleaners Bird droppings can carry up to 60 known transmittable diseases. It is therefore important to do a thorough clean up before installing any type of bird control system. Bird-B-Gone has the right products to get the job done. Brochures     URL
Visual Bird Deterrents Visual bird deterrents are used to frighten birds from treated areas with common scare triggers such as predator features or reflective surfaces. The birds see the bird deterrent and flee the area. Visual bird deterrents are ideal to use in outdoor... Brochures     URL

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