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Alpine SnowGuards for Tiled Roofs


Alpine SnowGuards for Tiled Roofs

Alpine SnowGuards' snow management systems are essential for any Tile roof that sheds snow onto important egress points. Snow and ice can avalanche off sloped roofs, posing a hazard to people and property below the eave.

Alpine SnowGuards' products hold the snow and ice in position on the roof, allowing it to melt and shed gradually, instead of all at once, preventing injuries to pedestrians and property damage.

Alpine SnowGuards has two fence-style solutions to most clay or concrete configurations. The PP225 and the PP314 brackets attach directly to a custom baseplate designed for the specific roof type.

A sample of roofing material is required for roof types that have not been fabricated in the past. Contact us for your custom project details at: [email protected] or call toll-free: 888.766.4273.

Our applicable products for tile roofing listed below. Click the product image to view the selected product page for additional information, documentation, and more.
All our snow guards are rigorously performance tested at our in-house testing facility, by 3rd party testing facilities, and in the field by roofing experts.

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