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Renovation Applications

StoneLite™ panels are an ideal solution for both exterior and interior renovation. Lightweight StoneLite™ panels are often the most economical choice, since they can be installed without the need for reinforcing the building structure. They also provide a quick return on investment for the building owner as the natural stone finish upgrades property values, increasing both lease rate and occupancy.

The Reckson Metro Center at 360 Hamilton Avenue in White Plains, NY is one of the most dramatic additions to the Reckson Associates Realty Corporation's portfolio, the leading owner of Class A office properties in the New York Tri-State area. When acquired by Reckson, the lower elevations were a hodge-podge of cantilevers and towers without purpose. The facade was a mix of unfinished poured in place concrete, brick and masonry screening. It was quite apparent that a complete redesign was needed. Natural granites were desired, but Reckson could not afford the time that would be required to install solid 3-cm. thick dimensional stone. There were also concerns about the additional weight that would be added to the cantilevered structure. By specifying StoneLite™ granite from Stone Panels International LLC, they were able to obtain the desired finish on schedule at an affordable price.

The architectural firm of Sutphin Associates chose StoneLite™ granite to replace a deteriorating aluminum curtain wall system on the Arthur D. Little, Inc. headquarters building in Cambridge, Massachusetts. "When we were asked to replace a deteriorated curtain wall, we looked for a natural granite cladding system. We chose Stone Panels' StoneLite™ granite." Niles Sutphin, Sutphin Associates, Cambridge, MA, Arthur D. Little Headquarters. The existing structure was only designed for the weight of the original curtain wall system. StoneLite™ panels allowed natural stone to be used without reinforcing the structure. In addition, all work was completed while the occupants remained in their offices, avoiding expensive relocation costs during construction.

The architect for First Savings Bank elected to salvage the existing steel stud framing when a building they had acquired was renovated. The weathered and worn EIFS was removed and StoneLite™ granite panels were attached to the existing framing, saving thousands of dollars for the owner. "It is remarkable how a relatively small investment can transform a virtually derelict building into a valuable, thriving investment, having the appearance of a totally new construction. This system can be adapted to many different design situations and scenarios, making it a natural choice for recladding and overcladding any type of existing building that a client might have." Charles Otis Logan, The Aztec Corporation

Using StoneLite™ panels for overcladding is even more cost effective. Covering a deteriorated exterior by anchoring StoneLite™ granite panels through the original cladding, as was done on the A.J. Smith Savings Bank, saves the expense of removing and disposing of the existing cladding. The interior spaces are not subjected to detrimental weather conditions. When overcladding with StoneLite™ panels, building occupants can remain in their offices without need to relocate, and the building continues to produce income. "If we had known how easy it was to cover the old stucco on our building with granite, we would have done it years ago. There was really no inconvenience to us, nor our tenants and customers. We're delighted with the new granite exterior from Stone Panels." Tom Butkus, A.J. Smith Savings Bank, Orland Park, IL

StoneLite™ panels can be economically fabricated to form natural stone cornices such as the cornice on the Ann Taylor Flagship Store in New York, NY. The cornices were factory assembled and sent to the jobsite ready for quick and simple installing. Additionally, since these cornices were made from StoneLite™ panels, no additional framing was required to support them. Had they used dimensional stone, the structure would need to be reinforced to take the weight of a solid stone cornice.

When the exterior of the Educational Employees Credit Union in Fort Worth, Texas was damaged by a tornado and needed to replaced for the second time in three years, TGS Architects began looking for a more durable cladding system than the Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS) they had been using. The damage to the building was not due to the tornado force winds, but rather from the flying debris generated by the tornado. Furthermore, the EIFS system had been replaced just three years prior due to a hail storm. The owners wanted natural stone, but the existing framing would not support dimensional stone without being reinforced. StoneLite™ panels provided the durability and impact strength required while utilizing the existing structure. The new facade was installed quickly with minimal impact to their customers.

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Brochures for Renovation Applications

Brochures for Renovation Applications
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StoneLite® panels can be used in a variety of applications. They can be used anywhere solid dimensional stone is used, but also in applications where dimensional stone is too heavy to be economically used. Below are some common uses for StoneLite® panels, but the possibilities are only limited by imagination.
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Downloads page
Here you will find links to download our standard details, specification, installation instructions and some information about stone care. The buttons to the left will allow you to view all of these documents prior to downloading.
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StoneLite® has been used on projects in all different climates and parts of the world. Below are links to pictures of a small sampling of the many projects we have completed.
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3-Part CSI specifications for Renovation Applications

3-Part CSI specifications for Renovation Applications
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CAD details for Renovation Applications

CAD details for Renovation Applications
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CAD Details, in DWG/PDF format. We would be happy to assist you in choosing the proper attachment system and will create custom details specific to your project. Just contact our Technical Services Staff at (800)328-6275 or (469)635-5000. DWG/PDF 31 kB   Download

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